Reasons For Procrastination And Lack Of Motivation

Do you sometimes feel a lack of motivation or do you procrastinate on some tasks?

Lack of Motivation and Procrastination are sometimes caused by deeper issues.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a lack of motivation was the least of our worries and we never had to worry about procrastination? What a great world to live in!

Chances are that even if you do have a “work first” personality, there are times when you just don’t have it in you to get the job done in time. Sometimes, you just feel stopped.

There are many consequences we may encounter as a result of our procrastination or lack of motivation, so thankfully there are several ways to combat it.

First it is important to know what the underlying causes are, and how they may manifest in our life. Here are a couple of reasons why it can happen.

1. Fear of Rejection. Writers especially often debate the true cause of their lack of motivation as a fear of rejection instead of a block of ideas. If we are afraid that we will get turned down for what we do, we will tend to avoid doing it in the first place. Of course, often these fears are unfounded, and probably stem from a childhood event that has subconsciously stuck with us in the form of lack of motivation.

2. Fear of Failure. The same holds true for failure as it does for rejection. Often, we imagine that the outcome of our endeavors will be a poor product that will reflect badly on our good name. Our inborn nature is to avoid situations that will be dangerous or detrimental to us. It’s survival of the fittest from thousands of years of breeding.

3. Lack of Self Worth. If we feel we are not worthy of a positive outcome, trying to reach our goals will become very difficult. This is evident in those who are trying to lose weight. They may have a belief that they do not deserve to be thin, or deserve the attention and good things that may come as a result of losing the weight.

Unfortunately, the new situations arising, can cause far more serious problems for us than what we were subconsciously trying to avoid. So now that we know some of the causes for procrastination and lack of motivation, it’s important to know what can happen as a result of them.

In many instances, not getting our chores or jobs done, actually does have an extreme effect on our lives. There are many times when procrastinating or avoiding work can cause terrible trouble with our relationships, finances, or overall health and well-being.

Other consequences of our procrastination can include the following:

Self Esteem. If we fail to live up to the demands others make of us, or fail to follow through with projects we agreed upon, we may begin to look down upon ourselves.

We might start excessive, unnecessary negative self-talk. “I can’t do it,” and “I’m not a good person” may be thoughts that cross your mind when your lack of motivation causes habitual procrastination.

Increased Stress. You may feel responsible for a project if it doesn’t go well or is turned in late. Or, you may avoid doing activities outside the home because you know there is a project that just “has to get done.” This stress is unnecessary and avoidable.

So, after all this, how do we conquer lack of motivation and therefore procrastination?

There are two things that motivate us above all else. Pain and pleasure are extremely powerful motivators.

1. Make a list of all the things you fear will happen, and another list of all of the pleasure you will miss out on, if you do not follow through on your planned tasks.

2. Make another list of all the pleasure you will gain by following through, and all the pain you will avoid.

Memorize these lists and internalize all the emotion and feeling you can. Really consider these points.

The Motivation HandbookPractice this exercise with all your goals and you’ll soon see your procrastination and lack of motivation disappearing, as you create powerful new habits from your new understandings of how your mind operates.

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