Are You Feeling A Lack Of Motivation?

magic-of-thinking-big-bookWell, I have been rather hit and miss with my posting lately. My motivation seems to be lacking some days…

There is  a lot going on in my life behind the scenes. Besides getting rid of my physical weight, it seems I have get rid of some mental baggage too… Do you ever feel like that?

At times, I was feeling more like I was chained to my blogs, and that if I stopped writing all that I had built would all come crashing down, so I continued because I feared losing momentum, and all I had worked for.

I was no longer doing it because I wanted to, I felt that I had to.

Well, I have never been an advocate of doing things for negative reasons or because of fear motivation. I bit the bullet, I stopped posting on my blogs and took a much deserved break from most of them. And you know what?

The traffic to my sites actually went up during this time period because of all I had written previously. Most of the information on my sites are “evergreen”, or to put it simply, never goes out of season. It is always relevant. And . . . I had been imagining the worst possible scenario if I stopped writing or took some time off.

Success information is, and has been written about since the beginning of time, and most of the principles never change. We just change our vocabulary from time to time so it is more acceptable in the present day language. People seem to understand it better if it is written in present day lingo and slang.

Anyway, I digress . . .

While I was reading last night, I came across some information I did want to share with you. It comes from one of my favorite books, ‘The Magic Of Thinking Big’.

The topic: “Learn to see things for what they can be, not for what they are now, practice adding value. Use your imagination as a positive force. People who don’t have much, see themselves as they are now. That’s all they see. They don’t see a future, they just see a miserable present.”

I’m determined not to let what I haven’t got stop me! I’ve made up my mind to look at myself as the person I’m going to be in a few short years.” Let’s set the ‘weight loss’ thing aside for just a moment. Let’s concentrate on building a joyous life with being fit and healthy just being a part of it…

1. Practice adding value to yourself.

Ask yourself this question daily. “What can I do to make myself more valuable today?” Visualize yourself not as you are but as you can be. Then, specific ways to attaining your potential value will suggest themselves to you.

2. Practice adding value to things.

awaken-the-giant-within-bookThis is what they do in real estate investing. For example, What can I do to ‘add value’ to this room, or this house, or this business?

Look for ideas to make things worth more. A thing — whether it be a vacant lot, a house, a business or a product — has value in proportion to the ideas for using it.

There is more information on adding value in the book obviously, but you can get the idea.

Value is everywhere, value is determined only by our imagination. And…it gets your focus onto something positive.

Your imagination is all powerful, it can be a force for positive, or in my case previously, a force for negative.

So, mentally I’m back now! For the right reasons again . . . so much of our lives is how we handle the mental game.