New Year’s Resolutions Time Is Coming!

Goals-Theres-no-tellingThe time to start planning new goals is always ‘now’ but the single most popular goal setting time of any year is fast approaching. Will you leverage it’s power to help you achieve your goals? Or will you be one of the many who set resolutions and fail?

I was reviewing my goals again to analyze how much or how little progress I made on each item. I do this regularly so that I can adjust efforts where necessary to insure that I stay on track with my goals.

I must say that I had another great week! I also must say that it is increasingly evident that New Years is fast approaching. We are deep into December already, and Christmas is just around the corner.

That means that New Year’s Day comes soon after and many will be making their annual New Year’s Resolutions. I can just hear it now. I am going to . . blah blah . . this year. Here we go again.

Most people do have really good intentions, but never seem to pull it off when the rubber meets the road. Why is this? Are these people just lazy? Don’t they have the motivation? Some of them really want to change. Why is it that so many people cannot make this happen for themselves?

Whether it is quitting smoking, losing weight, getting more fit, paying down debt, or just making more money, each year people resolve that the next year will be different and they charge ahead full blast each January 1.

Then they seem to fizzle out within a short time. It doesn’t happen for them. Somewhere along the line they stop working on their resolution and just freeze up…

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Is this you? Have you had trouble meeting your New Years Resolutions in the past? How about this year, 2019? Did you make any? How did it go for you?

Did you give up on some goal or habit that was tremendously important to you, that would have positively impacted your life for the better, that would have bumped your self image up a notch or two?

Or, are you one of those that sucked it up, bore down hard, gave it all you had, pushed through your past limits and then felt the excitement, the exhilaration you could only feel after pulling off a huge win?

Which scenario did you play out this year or years’ past? If you were in the latter group, then Congratulations!

If you were one of those who want to improve their strategies, then 2020 is your year. Another chance to show your stuff is coming just around the corner. It is never too late to go after more joy and happiness in your life.

Where will you be on New Year’s Day, 2020, when it is time to start another year and build momentum right from Day 1?

Will you sleep in after celebrating the ‘Eve”?

Or, will you be busy working on your best life?

Let’s move forward and positively impact our lives by developing the empowering habit patterns that will take us through this next year and beyond.

Leverage the power and emotional impact of New Year’s Resolutions to get yourself started. Take BIG action immediately and then increase your momentum until you couldn’t stop success if you tried. 🙂