Learn How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise Or Workout Regularly

The Secret to Lifelong Gym, Workout and Exercise Motivation

Do you struggle to find the motivation to exercise?

Are you one of those people who occasionally watches ‘motivational videos’, or who has to listen to ‘motivational music’ when you’re working out?

Maybe your motivation to workout comes from looking in the mirror?

There are so many ways that people try to motivate themselves to exercise, the question is; “Why”?

Would you believe me if I told you that I (and many others) don’t need ‘motivational techniques’ to be motivated?

You see, the secret to lifelong motivation for your gym routine, to lifelong motivation for your workout, and lifelong motivation to exercise is not outside of you. It’s inside, and it wants to get out.

All you need to do is unleash it.

My goal is to show you how, so you never have to suffer from a lack of motivation to exercise again.

The trouble with unreliable ‘motivational videos’, ‘motivation tips’, ‘motivation tricks’, or any sort of motivational tactic that’s outside of you is that they inevitably lead to ups and downs.

You might feel motivated in the short term, but your motivation to exercise will inevitably fall away, and you’ll have to get re-motivated all over again. So out come the motivational videos, motivation tips and motivation tricks all over again. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to break the cycle.

Why do you need this change to your motivational routine? Let me answer that with a question; Would you rather be in control of your motivation levels, or leave your sense of control to fate?
I sure know which I’d prefer.

I know that when I take control of my ability to motivate myself I feel better, have better workouts, enjoy life more, feel more in control, feel happier AND get more of what I want.

To help you with this I’ve developed a program that takes you from being out of control of your ability to motivate yourself, to in control, feeling good and able to motivate yourself to exercise – or do anything else – anytime you want to.

I did this because I want to help you, and thousands like you, free yourself from the ravages of motivational ups and downs. And because of the feedback I have received from everyone that’s tried this program, I know it works. And it will work for you to.

How do you ‘train motivation’?

The first thing you probably want to do is think of motivation as a skill. When you do this, you’ll realise that motivation is something that you can train, improve, strengthen with exercises and get totally under your control. Just like any skill, motivation is open to improvement. You just need to be shown the right way to practice.

Have you heard that saying, ‘practice makes perfect’? Well it’s only partly true. Really it should be, ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. So what you need is a system that shows you how to practice motivation in a way that’s perfect for you.

This complete system of motivation training takes you from complete beginner to super advanced. It shows you how to know what to do, makes you feel in control of your motivation and gives you the dedication you have been missing.

In addition to that, this motivation training course is fully supported by a personal backup email service that ensures you always have someone to ask questions and find help from as you learn to become motivated. Just think for a moment what it would be like to feel good about your workout.

To enjoy planning and doing your exercise or gym routine. Take a moment to ponder all the benefits to you from becoming totally in control of your level of motivation, and able to change it whenever you need to.

How would you feel if you were able to do this?

And, finally, think what it would be like to understand that you never have to worry again about being motivated to do what you need to do (be that going to the gym and doing your exercise workout, or doing anything else in life) because you find it easy, enjoyable and pleasurable.

Really take your time to get into these benefits, really live them, take them on board and make them your own. How good does it feel?

This could be your first step to taking control of your feelings of motivation. The process of learning how to take control of your motivation is all about how your brain is programmed – all you need to do now is continue that process.

Why not take a look at my ebook ‘How to do what you don’t want to do’ and find control of your motivation…

by George Harris

George ‘SuperBootCamps’ Harris is a Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Strength and Condidtioning Specialist and Nutritional Coach.

George wrote his ebook, ‘How To Do What You Don’t Want To Do’ to help people take control of their ability to motivate themselves, feel good and get results from their diet and exercise. Written for everyone to easily understand and apply, this book contains everything you need to take control of your motivation and get results.

George also provides one to one online coaching for motivation, fat loss, weight loss and muscular development. With this book you can finally end the cycle of motivation and despair, be consistent and learn – easily – how to feel good about doing exercise, how to make dieting easy and make yourself feel good anytime.

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