Morning Motivation, How Do You Motivate Yourself?

How Do You Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Motivated?

Or do you arise every morning energized and filled with enthusiasm?

I was reminded of the article below this morning because I had a difficult time getting up and getting started.

I have set some pretty big goals and the time is running short on completing them. I scheduled this to be a big work day so I could move forward faster.

Good thing I have a set pattern I move into when I feel this way, let’s say a little less than my normal energetic self. 🙂

Most mornings I get up raring to go but sometimes, like this morning, I have to work on my motivation. You can’t burn the candle at both ends without paying some kind of price…

And sometimes I have doubts creeping in. Sometimes, I feel a lack of energy. Sometimes, I feel like it would be all right to stay in bed just a little longer.

Ever feel like that? DUH!  . . . How about just about everyone I know? I know that I have mornings like these from time to time…so I prepare in advance for just this eventuality.

Here’s the article I wrote some time ago, at another time when I felt less than my usual energetic, motivated self and needed to get myself going. I hope you enjoy it.

A Tough Morning This Morning

. . . and it probably won’t be the last . . .

WOW! I had a hard time powering up this morning. Usually I can spring right up and get going, you know, attack the day sort of thing.

Well . . . this particular morning was a little different. Even though I had a good sleep, I felt tired and didn’t want to start the day. I thought . . . just let me sleep another hour. Yeah, right!

I have been burning the candle at both ends, maybe I just needed that extra hour. Maybe that was all that it was. I think it more likely that with all the decisions I have been making lately, I have started to move deeper into uncharted territory.

eliminate-doubtWere my “Big Goals” taking me out of my comfort zone? I have committed to literally changing the whole direction of my life.

A life that has been pretty safe and secure for quite a few years I might add. I have grown used to being comfortable…

Am I having some second thoughts about whether I can succeed at it or not? After all, I have never attempted this before.

What makes me think that I can succeed, where many people fail? It got me wondering. And it was affecting my state. Shaking my confidence. Definitely not good, not good.

Me, MR. Positive. LOL!

Has that ever happened to you? I can almost guarantee that if you have ever made a decision to step out of the old comfort zone, that you have felt this way a few times. Only natural.

However this morning, much like other mornings I have felt like this, I pushed myself to get up, and then habit took hold of me, and got me to the sink where I splashed ice cold water all over my face and that was the end of my indecision, my tiredness.

I was mobile. And I was energized… I went downstairs and started my workout to keep the blood moving and then I was “me” again. 🙂

sunrise1_croppedI started to say to myself, “I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel TERRIFIC! . . . again, and again.

The insecurity was replaced with energy and enthusiasm, the tiredness turned into excitement, and I moved into my day.

Three things got me through this rough wake up. Habit, Physiology, and Belief.

What gets you through your tough mornings? Or . . . do you listen to your tired self? Do you go back to bed? Do your goals go unmet for yet another day?

Focus on that big goal you proactively set for yourself, follow through, and as your energy comes back you will get excited all over again.

Discipline yourself to persist in the face of negative thoughts, and doggedly, determinedly get your goal.

I will complete my plans for a new life, and succeed in any undertaking I commit to. How do I know this? I believe it deep down in my core that I am worthy and that I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Have you installed that belief pattern in yourself yet?

If not, do it now! You absolutely can not know the feeling I am talking about until you have ‘belief’ locked up. More on motivation here. – How To Get Motivated. Free Ebook

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