How Do You Describe Your Life Success?

There’s More to Life Than Your Career
By Wendy Ager

Do you describe your success by how well you’ve done at work? Why is that?

What is it about us that causes us to completely define who we are by what we do and have achieved at work?

There’s so much more to life than work. What else can we describe about ourselves in life?

If we could easily describe to others how we have discovered what is fulfilling to us and makes us happy, that would surely make a far more interesting conversation.

We do tend to over-complicate the things we do and a simple but streamlined life would be an inspirational project for most of us. We could lighten up, say yes more, use less energy and waste less time if we put ourselves in control of the things that make us feel happy and content.

What if we were to remove the burden of expectation we put on ourselves and others and just put some worth on being loving to our family, a good friend and being accepting of others and be content.

For some people moderation is a safe bet for happiness. Only you can consider how much of something is enough for you. You can decide what will bring you contentment and stop you always wishing for something more.

If you define what more you want and attain it, will you be able to stop yourself there, or will you always strive for something better and never be truly satisfied?

You could define stages to be content at, and be content with that whilst striving for something better.

Sometimes the enormity of a task will put you off starting, but breaking it down into the individual components and making a start on something small is normally all it takes to get you going. Broken down, a huge task can become manageable enough for most of us in small chunks.

Consider what you can do well or what worked for you in the past and what is important to you. This will help you take that first step.

If you catch yourself saying, “I’ve always wanted to do that”, but actually you have no plans in place to, then you will always be saying that.

Look at what is important to you, and get on with doing something about it. There’s no time like the present for planning or taking that first step.

Put it off, and you know you could be putting it off forever.

Focus on the present. We can only move forward from here, and we are unable to change the past, so there’s no point dwelling on it. You can control your future by deciding on what you want and making progress towards it.

Consider your circumstances objectively and see things from only from your perspective. It’s the only perspective you have! It’s unique, so don’t presume someone else will know how you feel.

You can learn from others, but what is important and special about you is likely to give you a different outcome, even if it’s just subtle differences.

So, how do you see your life panning out now, if you were to define and control it by deciding on it? Break it down into tiny bite-sized chunks and make a start on the first thing you need to do.

What is it? How soon can you do it? Go on, make a start and don’t let just your work, if that’s what it is, be what defines who you are as a person.

Wendy Ager
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