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rp_run-300x207.jpgThe Importance of Creating a Morning and Evening Routine By Andre Wolfgang Klein

Many of the most successful and influential leaders in history describe themselves as having a morning routine and/or an evening routine. Those names include Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs and many others.

Having a morning and evening routine like this is a great idea because it makes it a lot easier to start the day on the right foot.

If you find yourself often waking up late, procrastinating by hitting snooze and then rushing out of the door with one sock on, you’ll know just how destructive this can be to your productivity later on.

Likewise, the morning is a block of time that will almost always be free from interruption, which means that you can fill it with useful tasks and activities. That way, even if the rest of your day is a bust you can rest assured that you accomplished at least those few positive things.

Longterm-we-must-begin-self-discipline_blackThe importance of the evening routine is to help book-end the day and also to ensure that your morning routine has the best chance of being carried out well.

If you set yourself up in the evening, then you’ll make it considerably easier to follow through with your plans in the morning.

Let’s take a look at some examples of things you can add to each routine for your inspiration…

The Morning Routine

Healthy Breakfast
Eating a healthy breakfast is crucial to start your day off well. Keep a consistent menu and you can automate your morning process and ensure that you have fuelled yourself with complex carbs and all the nutrients that you need to function at your best.

If you can exercise at the start of the day, then you’ll begin your day with more energy and enthusiasm and you can ensure that you’ll have burned at least a few calories before you begin. Even if you just do a few press ups and pull ups, this can make a big difference!

Reading the news is a perfect way to stay up to date with events and to start your day slowly.

Making a To-Do List
positive-thinking-917x1024Why not set out your goals for the day right at the start?

The Evening Routine

Lay Out Clothes
Save yourself time tomorrow by laying yourself out clothes. And while you’re at it, why not lay out that gym kit?

Write a Journal
This is a great way to reflect on the day just gone!

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Article Source: The Importance of Creating a Morning and Evening Routine