Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions?

the-better-quality-questions1-smithThe topic of this article tonight is really about asking ourselves the right questions in order to find accurate information to proceed in the direction of our goals.

Let’s make sure that we are proceeding with goals that are in alignment with our highest values, and that the goals we choose are taking us in the right direction for our most fulfilling life.

Good questions do that.

“Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal.” — Elbert Hubbard 

Stephen Covey in his book The Seven Habits“, questions traditional personal time management and brings home a very important point by asking ourselves not only “Am I doing things right?, but more importantly, “Am I doing the right things?

Asking the right questions will increase the chances of finding the right answers. There are some good questions in this article by Paul Keetch.

Are You Ready To Coach Yourself To Success?

Many people claim to want more happiness, more money and more success in their lives.

But most aren’t willing to take the steps necessary to go out and create the life they want.

Others feel confused by the multitude of options available and aren’t sure which direction to turn.

Still others have been conditioned to do what other people tell them for so long that they are just now starting to understand that they have the power to choose their life – and for these people, the truth can be a scary thing!

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So here are 20 powerful questions you can ask yourself, starting right now, to begin clarifying your life in a way that is meaningful for you.

As you go through this list, some of the questions won’t seem to mean very much to you right now, while others will literally jump off the page (or screen) at you.

That’s okay! In fact, that’s exactly what should happen. Pay close attention to which questions do the jumping and consider carefully why you think they might seem more appealing to you. It could be that they are the questions you most need to answer right now and, if so, you’ve made a great start.

The alternative is that these questions are jumping out at you in order to prevent you from seeing the truly important questions.

If this is the case, your ego is simply trying to protect itself. It sees that you are about to embark on a voyage of change and it wants to keep you exactly where you in – in your comfort zone.

1. If you could wave a magic wand and do ANYTHING you wanted, what would you choose?

2. What one thing in your life would you NOT change under any circumstance?

3. What feeling would dominate your life if all your dreams and goals were already realized?

4. Are you searching for more money, more happiness or both?

5. Can you identify ONE thing that you’re currently doing that doesn’t serve or support you?

6. What do you want MORE of in your life?

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7. What do you want LESS of in your life?

8. What do you need to learn in order to begin the process of realizing your dreams?

9. What action could you take THIS WEEK to move you one step closer to your goal?

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 rate how important your dreams are to you right now.

11. On a scale of 1 to 10 rate how excited you are about achieving your life’s greatest dream.

12. What price will you have to pay if you don’t take action to realize your dreams?

13. If your spouse, significant other or important friend came to you with your problem, what advice would you give them?

14. What is your favourite way of sabotaging your own success?

15. What are you doing really well in your life?

16. What are you doing that you really love in your life?

17. What are you most grateful for in your life right now?

18. Name three of your greatest strengths, talents or natural attributes.

19. If you have a hero or other mentor, what do you think they would do in your situation?

20. If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

Print these questions off and look at them regularly. Write your answers on a piece of paper or type them out on your computer in order to make the answers real for you.

Then post them up around your house where you will see them on a daily basis – on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, in your bedroom, or just about anywhere you will run into them.

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That way you will remind yourself several times throughout the day where you intend to take your life.

Envision your success as though it has already been accomplished. Do this and watch your life begin to soar!

To your success.

By Paul Keetch

Paul Keetch is a writer, philosopher and success cartographer, living in West Vancouver, Canada. He strives daily to find joy and happiness in all he encounters and has dedicated himself to helping others uncover their hidden genius and live a life of true happiness and success. Visit Paul online at