Visualize Goals As Already Achieved

Visualize goals vividly, with intense emotion. visualize-goalsVisualizing Remembering Picturing. Whatever you want to call it. This is a an effective goal setting strategy.

One might read the title and claim loudly . . .

Who can visualize, I certainly can’t! I tried many times and I just can’t seem to get it . . .

You might even begin to argue and say that you cannot visualize goals at all.


Everyone can, That is, every person who has a brain, can. A brain, by its very nature, visualizes. Every child can visualize, we are born with creative imagination.

Just, some of us have forgot because we have not practiced it for so long. We have forgotten our inner childhood.

You only have to replace the word “visualize” with the term “remember”, or “picture”. If you do this, the problem fades away. You see, it is just a matter of semantics, of vocabulary that is.

When you are told to remember the face of your favorite singer or actress, you find it a whole lot easier than being asked to “visualize”. Try it to believe it. Imagine that you believe it . . . You may have to work at this but it is absolutely worth it.

Creative Visualization is one of the most powerful and critical tools at your disposal. The success of your goals program depends on you cultivating this strategy. To the degree that you can visualize your goals, will be the degree to which you will accomplish them.


Our imaginations are very powerful. Just think about the last fear you experienced. Was it real or imaginary? Did you picture what could have happened? Chances are, you did.

So much so, that you started to worry or get nervous just thinking about it happening. Reverse visualizing, negative visualizing, just seems easier to do, and easier to believe.

The human brain is an astonishing organ. It is capable of structuring and storing mental images in several ways. Sometimes, it produces clear, detailed pictures in full color.

Then, there are also times when it generates only hazy or fuzzy results. Learn to visualize goals with amazing clarity and the world will be your oyster.

Creatively visualize goals, that is picture clearly what it is that you want. Internalize the emotion that goes with them and the world will beat a path to your door to give them to you.