To Raise Productivity Levels, Avoid Low Productivity Tasks And Time Wasters

Things to Avoid During Working Hours To Keep Your Productivity Up

This may seem obvious, but too many people allow distractions during their productive, work time. Avoid these things until after your work is done or you’re on break time.

If you do these during break time, make sure you set a timer.

1. Social media. Yes, I know, you need to market yourself and be friendly with friends, colleagues and customers. You also need to set aside specific times of the day to do this.

Treat this as a business task too. It should be fun and entertaining, but it should not interfere with your work time. Plan those times as part of business building, even if you view it as fun time.

2. Avoid distractions. This is easier said than done, but many people distract themselves by thinking they can take a quick peek at email or Facebook or something else. Do not do this until the allotted time.

3. Don’t let others distract you. If you have friends who think they can text or call you at anytime during the day, be sure to silence your phone so it doesn’t distract you. Close your instant messenger programs. Set them to busy, or go invisible.

4. Use reference and research websites after work hours. If you must open your browser to do some research, then do the research and close the browser right away. Do not allow yourself to get tempted to do a quick check of email or social media.

5. Don’t drop everything because a friend wants a spur of the moment lunch with you. Yes, spontaneity can be fun, but it also has its place. 

People need to know that you can’t drop everything for their whims.

This is especially true if you work from home. If you start allowing these minor instances, it will only get worse and then they will think they can interrupt you any time they please.

In summary, start actively focusing on your work tasks, and mentally prepare yourself to stop allowing distractions to take over your day.

This is your business you’re trying to build or run.

Get serious.

Don’t let anyone or anything interfere with you during your work time. It will pay off in the long run if you get super focused and control the distractions in your life. You do want to hit youir goals, don’t you?