Time Management, Manage The Interruptions, Distractions And Time Wasters

Have A Time Management Plan To Deal With Those Inevitable Interruptions

Let’s look at some common and useful ways for dealing with interruptions, distractions, and time wasters.

You should set aside a special time of day to check messages. If you are in the middle of something and your phone rings, ignore it, unless it is your job to answer the phone.

If someone has something important to tell you they can leave a message, and you can call them back at your convenience.

If you are concerned someone may have an urgent need, you can have them page rather than call you.

Organize your day in a way that allows for interruptions. For example, you may want to leave a few minutes each day between activities to compensate for time lost during an interruption.

Always expect a project or activity will take longer than you think. It is far better to overestimate the time you will need to complete something than to underestimate the time you will need.

Use deadlines to keep you on track. When people try to interrupt, let them know you are working with a tight deadline. Often people are more responsive to the term “deadline” and will not take offense at your lack of participation.

Make accomplishing and completing your goals and objectives YOUR #1 priority. If you want to make the most of your time you have to put yourself first, otherwise you aren’t going to make it.

You have a right to be selfish when it comes to how you spend your time. Be selfish, take advantage of the time you have to finish your tasks and move on.

Don’t stress. If you do find you face an inevitable interruption (you get stuck behind the train for 30 minutes) don’t stress, because worrying about something won’t fix the problem.

Instead, take advantage of the time to get in touch with the people you are trying to connect with or your job, let them know what has happened, and take advantage of the time to meditate and reorganize your template for the day to accommodate for your interruption.

Remember everyone faces interruptions every day. You can manage your time efficiently even with interruptions. The key to this is to have an alternate time plan and keep calm.

You can also delegate important tasks to other people when you find you are in a difficult situation. Make sure you have a list of people handy that are readily available and willing to help out in the event you run out of time or are running behind.

Interruptions, Distractions, and Time Wasters are a part of goal achievement. Plan ahead how to manage them and you will exponentially increase your productivity.