Practice Win-Win And Become A Real Winner!

Win-Win Benefits Your Self Esteem And Your Self Confidence

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We hear about the “win-win” scenario quite a bit in today’s world, especially in the business community.

They are quite the ‘buzz’ words. It is also important in personal relationships, but in truth only not all people practice it.

Let’s look at this from a happiness perspective.

Some people with low self images, low self-esteem, practice lose-win. That is to say that they give out more than comes back in a given situation. The Elmer-Milquetoasts of the world. The door mats for those who would take advantage.

They let people walk all over them and can’t seem to assert themself to get as good as they give. They get their importance from a feeling of martyrdom, but it is shallow and cannot last. They really need to build up their self worth. In fact, this was me at one time..

Then we have the aggressive types, them that practice win-lose, those that grab whatever they can without the least bit of compassion for others interests. They will always be looking over their shoulders fearing someone stronger than themselves. They also need to build up their self worth.

Neither of these will be happy long term, as they will always be looking to others for what they need. They lack the inner strength to be powerful, and vulnerable both at the same time.

The way to true happiness is win-win, everyone benefiting from any particular interaction. No person is less or more than the other. Just plain ‘feel good’ connection with each party getting what they want out of life.

This is where the true ‘juice’ in life is. We benefit from our efforts, but we have benefited others as well. Mutual benefit builds relationships and relationships are where the real joyful living comes in. Some of you might scoff at this line of thinking but I have found that win-win works.

Start creating win-win situations between you and everyone you associate with. Really try to look at it from both of your perspectives and see if you can come up with a few win-wins that work for everyone involved. Business or pleasure, mutual benefits pave the way to solid relationships, not just for today, but for the long term.

I didn’t mean for this to sound like a sermon, sometimes I just gotta get something out of my head and onto paper. Next time, I’ll see what I can do to shorten the messages up, I do know that you’re all busy, and . . . I can get a little long winded at times. 😉