How To Create Effective Positive Affirmations – 2

How To Create Effective Positive Affirmations That Work – pt 2

Continuing from last post here. We are just following up on some points from the last post that will help you use your affirmations properly and strengthen your self talk. When making up affirmations for yourself to achieve your goal, here are some more good pointers.

You Must Be Passionate

Use Your Emotions to your advantage. This almost goes without saying, because if you have heartfelt desires you should automatically be passionate about them.

However, there may be times in your life when the burdens of the world are weighing on you and your affirmations take a knock. Your mood drops and you cannot summon the enthusiasm for even those people or things closest to your heart.

Just remember that this can become a vicious circle, and the only way to break it is to replace your negativity with repetitive positive thoughts.

Making the effort to repeat your affirmations passionately can help resurrect your mood in very little time. Crowd out the negative with persistent positive suggestion.

You Must Add Visualization and Your Other Senses

This may come naturally to some people who think in visual images, but it is something everyone should be practicing when they speak their positive affirmations.

This is most effective when you have a little quiet time for your affirmations, so you can sit down and close your eyes and back up your words with your senses.

For some people owning a Ferrari might represent the pinnacle of achievement. It may be the only affirmation they utter, because they know that they will only come to own one through the attainment of real riches.

So here’s the affirmation: “I love driving my Ferrari F430 Spider.” Imagine it. Naming the car makes it specific and personal and allows for a deeper emotional involvement. Go to your Ferrari dealer and check out the exact one that you want. Take pictures or a video for your own use.

To make this affirmation as powerful as possible, you must know what one looks like so you can visualize it and see yourself sitting in it; you must know what one sounds like; you should be able to smell the leather interior; you must be able to feel the vibrations from the engine. Take a test drive and experience the power and feel of a Ferrari ownership.

Your intention must be to convince your mind that your affirmation is real in every detail, and this means bringing as many senses into play as possible.

You Must Be Patient and Persevere

There is a saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” Affirmations do not produce immediate results, so be prepared for this.

Unless you win the lottery, your dreams of instant riches are unrealistic. Depending on the desired outcome of your affirmation, you may be looking at days, weeks, months or years before you accomplish your dream. Be patient and persist with your affirmations.

You Must Use Them As Often as Possible

Your affirmations need to be spoken regularly for them to be effective. This is where the analogy with computers ends. You program a computer once and it is all set up.

Not so with affirmations. Affirmations work best with repetition. In this respect, it is more akin to training a puppy. You get it to obey the command to sit, but the next time it is too preoccupied with chewing your shoe… 🙂

It is only with repetition that you achieve your desired results. The human mind needs to be trained in exactly the same manner. Your mind is prone to drifting and going its own sweet way. This is why so many people are at the mercy of their emotions and their thoughts; why their lives seem so out of control.

The orders you give to your mind need to be given regularly. Could you train a dog by telling it to “Sit!” once a week? Not!

Equally, no matter how many times you told it, could you train a dog by telling it “I always wanted you to sit!”, or “You will sit tomorrow!”? Not!

The only way to do it is to speak in the present tense and repeat the order until the message gets through, and reward the behavior.

This also highlights the importance of keeping your affirmations short and to the point. This makes them easier to remember and gives them more punch.

As for exactly how many times to repeat your affirmations, the answer is as often as possible until you make them absolutely true. You should always strive to do this in the morning and the evening out loud. These might be 5 to 10 minute sessions that really focus the mind.

The time in the morning when you are still half-asleep in bed is ideal because your brainwaves are still in alpha, which is considered the optimum brainwave activity for connection with the universe.

During the day, of course there will be times when you are concentrating on other matters, but there will also be numerous opportunities when it is possible. Whenever your mind is free, put it to work with your affirmations. Keep them on the forefront of your mind all day. Make it a magnificent obsession.

Even if you cannot speak out loud or close your eyes and engage your senses, repeat your affirmations mentally to yourself. Feel their power. You will see massive change when you affirm your goals as already achieved and enjoying the benefits.

As far as possible, try to attain a relaxed mood during your affirmations. Stress and tension detract from your mind’s ability to focus. Practice and get good at these tips for now…

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