Choose The Right Goals

TAGR-free-ebook1Sometimes just setting goals is not enough when going after what you want.

Choosing the right goal to start with may be the more difficult job. It is extremely important to be able to choose the right goals to concentrate your powers on.

Otherwise you can waste a lot of time…

In life, you can choose to work towards any goal that drives you. It is preferable to align your goals so that you do not dilute your focus and momentum.

Go after one massive undertaking that when achieved, will enable you to get you all of the smaller goals that you want at the same time. Just as Napoleon Hill describes in his Think And Grow Rich (Free Ebook).

Goal setting is nothing more than a formal process for personal planning. By setting goals on a routine basis, you get to proactively decide what you want to achieve, and then move in a step-by-step manner towards the achievement of that goal.

Planning your life can reduce precious time waste and direction changes, that may occur when you just go after the first, or next shiny object that appears in your path.

Instead you head straight to your goal. And, what is the shortest distance between two points? A straight line of course. 🙂

The process of setting goals & targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on to do it.

You will also notice what the distractions are that take you away from your goals and eliminate or reduce them. You are more effective in taking your actions and realize a more efficient time usage…

Goal setting has long been used by professional athletes, successful business people and high achievers in all fields. It gives you long term vision that provides you with high motivation.
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Higher motivation, caused by properly setting your goals, helps to focus your attention and knowledge, which in turn helps you to organize your resources properly to get the job done.

By setting sharp and clearly defined goals, you will see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless effort to nowhere. Now you see the light at the end of the tunnel and that gives you even more impetus to succeed…

Setting and achieving your goals raises your self confidence as you begin to recognize and believe in your ability to meet the goals that you personally set. Just the process of achieving goals and then seeing this achievement, gives you a confidence that you will be able to achieve higher and more difficult goals later on.

Nothing breeds major success like realizing multiple smaller successes.

Here is a simple breakdown of what you want to do:
1. Decide what you want to do with your life, & what your long term goals are.
2. Break these down into smaller tasks that ultimately will lead you right to them.
3. One by one, start working towards completing the smaller tasks.
4. Monitor and adjust as necessary until you reach your major goal.
5. Set new goals now that will challenge you further.

Goal Setting Increases Clarity Of Purpose

It makes you decide what is important for you to achieve in your life and forces your future choices to align.

You separate what is important from what is irrelevant so that your focus is in the right place, and drives you.

It motivates you to even higher achievement to ensure the goals’ accomplishment. You achieve personal growth.

And, goal achievement builds your self-confidence and self esteem as you successfully check off each milestone of your journey.

Ensure that your goals are your own and no one else’s. Your internal motivation depends on it. Manage your focus so that you end up with what you want in the time frame that you want it. Good luck! 🙂

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