Do You Have Your Goals And Plans In Writing?

Quickie Success Exercise…

If you haven’t already, take half an hour to write out the plans for at least one goal you want to achieve in the next 30 days.

Do it now. Start small if you have to. Begin immediately with a small action that takes you in the direction of your goal, no matter how small it may seem.

Do it now. Starting will help you build momentum in the first few minutes, making it easier for you to continue all the way. Taking action right away is crucial. Always take action before leaving the scene of a newly formed decision to gain momentum on your side.

Inertia can be deadly and self-defeating if you don’t act promptly on your decision. It’s all too easy to fall into procrastination. You won’t believe how this approach can accelerate your rate of success.

Do you have your goals and plans in writing? Have you taken at least one small action to kickstart your journey toward your goal, no matter what it is?

Congratulations. Some say that just getting started is half the battle. It’s a straightforward process: set a goal, write it down, take action, and maintain a steady workflow until it’s completed.

Call it Done.

“Don’t wonder about whether something is possible; don’t get bogged down in WHETHER. Ask HOW. Over and over if you have to, but ask how you can do it, not whether you can.” — Brian Tracy