3 Great Self Help Books That You Should Read

3 Books That Positively Impacted My Life By Wadzanai Nenzou

Hello all, this article is about the 3 books that have changed my way of thinking. These are Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and The Go-getter written by Peter B Kyne.

I will start with the book that impacted me the most. Think and Grow Rich. This book is above the rest. I always tell people that if they only had to choose one success book to read for the rest of their life this would be it. As the name says this book looks at your thinking as a significant catalyst of success.

The author studied people who were successful in their varied fields for a period of 25 years. An idea had been planted in his head by multimillionaire industrial tycoon Andrew Carnegie that there is a formula to success.

After all the decades of interviewing the likes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford to name a few he realized they all had certain qualities in common. These common traits of the successful are what the book is all about.

These are all common sense traits, however we all know common sense is not that common. Traits such as persistence, imagination, and desire to name a few are looked at in detail. I will never forget the first time I read this book I was so excited about my future I knew I had the power to be whatever I wanted to be, it literally changed the way I thought of myself and what was possible.

The Magic of Thinking Big is the 2nd book that really impacted me. I read this book first before I read the other two books. Like the previous book Think and Grow Rich this book was written decades ago and yet it is timeless.

The book is about not selling yourself short to demand big things in our life. It is about thinking big or dreaming big not underestimating what is possible. It is all about your thoughts as they are the real power over your life.

Last but not least is The Go-getter which is a very short book. You could probably go through this book in an hour. A colleague gave me this book some time ago.

The book is told in a story format about a man who never let anything get in his way. No obstacle was too big. No challenge too hard. The man was a go-getter, someone who goes for what they want and does not stop until they get it. It’s an amazing book which hits the nail in such a short time.

I have read a lot of other success books which have stood out and will read more in the future. These three however changed the way I thought about life and success on a deeper level.

I highly recommend these books for those interested in understanding success. You might just get a shift of thinking like I did.

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