Best Value: Hostgator “Baby” Package –  Providing all of the necessary tools to get a fully-functional website up and your business running as quickly as possible. Featuring:

– unlimited domains
– unlimited subdomains
– unlimited email addresses
– unlimited web space for your site(s)
– 99.9% website up time
– unmetered bandwidth (virtually unlimited)
– easy to use CPanel and script installs
– awesome support dept, 24/7/365
– live chatline, easy access
– 4500 free website themes
– free website builder to easily create beautiful sites
– large international firm located in Houston, Texas
– world wide leading provider of web hosting service since 2002
– 45 day money back guarantee
– your hosting can scale as large as you want to grow!

Hostgator. Simply the best hosting provider we have had the pleasure to deal with.

And we spent the early years with some real doozies. There were some bad decisions that we made in our rookie years long ago. But we changed our sites over to Hostgator in November 2007, and remain loyal to this day…

Why do we recommend Hostgator as the best hosting plans?

Because we researched the company thoroughly, and then decided to host all of our sites through them. all those years ago. We have never looked elsewhere since.

Have we encountered any challenges?

Yes. Every large corporation comes with it’s challenges no matter how hard they try to please their customers. But any problems we had over the years, were solved almost immediately, and their live chat support got us back on track right away.

That, my friends is great service.

Why should you purchase your Hostgator hosting package through us?

Did you know that if you purchase your hosting through our links, not only will you become a valued Hostgator customer, you will become a client of ours as well. Because we use and promote Hostgator ourselves, we will earn a small commission on your purchase, so you actually become our customer too… And I do special things for our clients.  🙂

You won’t pay any more here. You may pay less, but you will definitely realize more value and support through our affiliation. If you are looking for a new hosting package and decide to purchase it through us, we make our online business video training packages available to you at No Charge.

If you are currently using another hosting company, we can arrange to help you seamless move your properties over to the Hostgator platform, and get you started.

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