Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

planningSounds simple doesn’t it? Boost sales productivity immediately by cultivating this one simple success habit.

Always schedule block time for your important, high value tasks, before you schedule anything less critical.

When you plan important and critical tasks first, you will be less likely to use that time for other less important tasks.

Believe me, you will waste precious time and energy if you don’t block it in first. Urgent or busy work is not necessarily productive work.

A friend of mine once told me: If you ever want to enjoy six figures and higher incomes, you must be selling 90% of the time. Prioritize ruthlessly. Delegately Responsibly.

Don’t leave it to chance… Set important personal and business goals according to your passions and interests. Crowd out lower value, less important jobs that you can delegate to someone else, or outsource.

Simple Self Management: 
Plan, Organize, Execute, Measure, And Adjust as necessary.
1. Set tasks realistically according to your time, energy, & ability.
2. Measure your results, adjust as necessary, & forge ahead.
3. Keep your action plan where you will see it constantly.
4. Do the work… Sell. Sell. Sell. Get ‘er done!

There you go… Plan your work, work your plan. Now that’s about as simple as it gets.