Use Human Nature To Sell More

sexHitting Human Nature’s Sales Triggers

Let’s face it, when it comes to subconscious triggers most people are on automatic pilot.

LOL. The “billions of dollars” advertising industry loves to keep people in a hypnotic state, so people generally don’t question why they do a certain thing or make a particular purchase, they just have the sense they need it.

And, there are some universal, subconscious triggers that appeal to almost everyone’s egos: sex, money, and power.

When people make a purchase, they may not even be aware that it is exactly one of these triggers that finally sealed the deal for them. You know the familiar saying? “Sex sells…” Well it really does.

That’s why advertisers showcase pretty girls with their products for men, “six packed” dudes for the ladies. They may be selling electric shavers, but the woman is the one touching his face on television and going: “AAAHHH!” Right? Or the man is stroking the lady’s clean shaven legs and looking at her all google eyed. Isn’t that so?

So, was it the features of that particular razor that sold it or the subconscious trigger that insinuated that the person’s sex appeal would shoot up dramatically if they used it? Probably the latter.

However, if you ask a person why they bought that razor, they will most likely start to tell about the features because the trigger was so subconscious they don’t even realize they were influenced by it.

Then, there are subconscious triggers that aren’t so universal but are very specific to your target demographic, and your product.

For instance, do you remember the commercials about the elderly person who falls and can’t get up? Then, they have the instant communication system around their neck that notifies someone they need help.

Okay, so what is the subconscious trigger here?

It’s the fear of living alone and having no one around to help. That might be specific to the demographic of the elderly people they were trying to sell.

powerBut, no matter how memorable the commercial is, most people buying it would probably not want to admit that fear of being frail or even being elderly, for that matter.

Certainly not the baby boomers for sure! They might convince themselves that the reason they bought it was because it was convenient or not that expensive. Huh…

So, be aware that the unconscious desires can be universal or specific to your particular demographic.

The key is to provide the solution, and emotionally associate your product with that unconscious desire so that people will feel more compelled to close the deal. That’s money…

You want to know the motivations of the people who are buying your products, or… the people that you want to buy your products. You may have a product that doesn’t appear to have universal appeal, but you still want to use this strategy.

Figure out a way to associate your product with either sex, money, power, or some other unconscious desire that may land you a sale. Big advertisers are doing it to you all the time. Time to reverse the tables don’t you think?