What You Need To Know About Successfully Submitting Articles To Directories

The importance of article marketing is well known in internet marketing, and submitting your articles to online directories has many benefits.

First of all, it gives you targeted link juice. Aside from this, you get targeted traffic from the directories as well as the search engines.

There are, however, certain factors you should pay attention to when you submit articles if you want to get the full benefits from this practice.

By using the techniques and suggestions we’ll be covering in this article, you’ll be able to get more leverage from your article submissions.

Just about most article directories will not permit any links that are obvious for affiliate hops in your articles.

Most article submission sites have a direct ruling against having affiliate links listed out in the article’s content, and this is because the content you’re submitting has to be non-commercial in nature.

It only makes sense that the directories do not want anything to spoil the non-commercial atmosphere of the articles for their readers.

The article directories are concerned that they will lose visitors if there are too many commercial links.

So do not insert the affiliate links if the TOS prohibit them because that will only produce an article rejection.

This one’s actually common sense but many do make this mistake – don’t copy other writer’s content because you will be caught!

Hey, we do not know you, so hopefully that is not something you will do. Well researched, high qualtiy content that is unique in all aspects is the best way to succeed as an article marketer.

If you plagiarize someone and they catch you, then if they want to pursue it you will just be in for hassle.

If you get the reputation as someone who copies other people, then your future submissons will be studied more closely.

You can avoid possible problems, so we think it is just easier to abide by common sense rules.

You will want to optimize your authors bio box for maximum click throughs.

If your bio box only contains information related to you, then you will not get many clicks to your sites.

You can make good use of your experience in the body of your article, but do not fall for putting it in the bio box.

If you learn about all the phases of article marketing and submission then you can have a great impact on your bottom line.

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