Weight Loss, Simple Steps To Consider

lose-belly-fatSmall Changes That Produce Big Weight Loss Results

This older article caught my eye today. I thought that I might share it with you…

5 Simple Changes To Help You Lose The Weight For Good

Here are five ways to generate weight loss and permanently change your lifestyle for weight maintenance.

They are definitely good thoughts to ponder and put into practice.

1. Eat to satisfaction, not full. Wait at least 10 minutes before heaping more food on your plate.  🙂 (Overstuffing is probably what got you here in the first place.)

bowl-of-mixed-nuts2. Adequate Sleep is important to your weight loss program. Get to sleep early. The more hours you get before midnight really make a difference. Just get up earlier…

3. Reduce your sugar intake. This means simple carbs too. (I suggest a stevia substitute for at least half of your sugar intake, but start with what is comfortable for you to work towards being sugarless.)

4. Eat proteins and fats with vegetables. Have protein, good fat, and a green vegetable at every feeding. (Helps to keep blood sugars from spiking.)

5. Reduce your grain intake, or remove them from your life completely, and lower your starchy vegetable carbohydrate intake. (I say, substitute with nuts or seeds. They are low in carbs and high in proteins and fats.)


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