Want To Make Money With Google Adsense?

So you want to make money online? Try Google Adsense. There are people all over the world, earning thousands of dollars a year, and some thousands each month by monetizing their blogs and websites with adsense ads.

In advertising online, Google is the big kid on the block. In today’s post, here’s Joel Comm, the king of google adsense in his first Google Adsense Secrets Live video in 2007.

I thought I might share it with you if you haven’t seen it before. This video gives us a little history lesson of some of his activities before and after he started online.

He now has a couple of hundred videos online at YouTube and he knows the subject inside out, backwards and forwards. You may want to spend some time on his channel. 🙂

His book “AdSense Secrets 5 – The Most Popular AdSense Ebook Ever” is in it’s fifth edition, and another best seller. It uncovers a wealth of strategies on how to increase your online earnings potential with Google Adsense.