Use Solo Ads To Build Your Business Faster

Speed Up Your Customer Generation By Using Targeted Solo Ads To Get New Leads. 

Does the idea of investing money into your online business sound foreign to you? Are you trying to build your business on a shoestring?

Do any of these comments below sound like you?

“I was so afraid of failing that I was reluctant to put money into my websites. And I was scared stiff of paid advertising.”

“I was afraid to spend money that I did not have, on projects that may or may not work. Instead, I’d spend hours learning how to drive free traffic to my products and to my websites.”

“I must have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours learning how to create content, writing articles, learning SEO and doing countless other tedious tasks and failed miserably. It took months to grow a decent sized prospect list.”

If you had just paid for the traffic, you would have the same results in a matter of hours, or days. You would have known if your projects were working quickly, tweaked them a bit, and became profitable very fast indeed.

When You Buy Solo Ads, You Are Buying Results. When you pay for targeted traffic, you are getting real, qualified leads to your offers!

This might sound expensive for some, but if you really think about it, you can always go back and earn more money, but you can never go back and create more time. When your time is gone, it is gone. No more is being allotted to you.

When you waste days, weeks or months playing around with SEO, only to see the search engines change the rules and drop you back in the ranks of the unseen again, that is frustrating. And it happens time and time again. Google updates their algorithym frequently.

Your business may not grow as fast as it could because you refused to invest in yourself, in your new company’s future. (Related Blog Post – Paid Ads Or Free Traffic Sources?)

That time is gone for good. And, usually it is wasted.

So by buying traffic, and today we’re talking about Solo Ads, you are buying results. Buying solo ads gives you access to fast, targeted traffic you can use to pound your website, and build your prospect list all day long, for as long as you want. There is no time waste.

The Inside Story on Solo Ads

Solo ads are when you pay someone (that has an already built, mature, responsive email list) to send an email to their subscribers promoting your website or offer.

Usually the subscribers would be sent to what is called a squeeze page, whose job is solely to capture their email addresses for future communications from you.

They are already on a list and trust the list owner, so jumping on your list would come natural to them.

But for this to work, you must make your offer irresistible. Offer them something of value in exchange for their name and address, something that would solve one of their problems. An ethical bribe of sorts…

Once you get their information, now you can market directly to them. You can provide them with good quality content and promote relevant offers.

Promote responsibly of course, and you can sell them useful and relevant information for as long as they stay on your list.

Solo Ads are paid traffic and best of all, it’s ultra-targeted traffic from people that have proven they are already interested in your product line. 

For example if you have a product on training Labrador Dogs and find someone with a list of pet owners then a small percentage of people may be interested. You’ll get even a little warmer prospect, if you find a list owner with subscribers only interested in dogs. Now a larger percentage will want what you have to say.


If you find a email list purely for Labrador owners, then that is ultra-targeted prospecting. Your product is potentially relevant to every single person on that list. Your response rates will go through the roof and you stack the odds of success in your favor. It is highly likely that you will do extremely well with this type of email list.

Why Is Everyone In Love with Solo Ads? Simple. The strategy is scalable, and has virtually unlimited potential.

If you could spend $1 and make $2 back — how many dollars would you spend? Everything you could get your hands on I bet. That’s the best thing about Solo Advertising. Once you achieve a positive ROI (return on investment)… making money on them that is, you can scale your advertising up as far as you want. You can send as many qualified prospects to your offers as you want.

You can literally build your business as fast as you want using solo ads.

For every dollar you spend you will know exactly how much you will make in return. This is classic, direct response marketing. You can test, track and monitor everything which means you can maximize your efficiency, your spending and your profitability.

You can track how many people clicked on the link in your Solo Ad. You can track what percentage joined your list and how many buy your products. You can put a dollar value on how much every visitor to your website costs and — more importantly — how much every visitor to your website is worth.

Investing in solo ads on the right lists is critical to your ads success… And the good thing is, you can start right now… today. Get the expert advice on solo ads right here.