Give Away Free Reports To Increase Business

free-reports-traffic-generationWhat? … Generate Substantial Free Traffic And Sales From Free Reports?

One of the oldest customer generation techniques is the use of free reports, free valuable content that you hand out to prospects.

When your content is in a downloadable pdf form, it has a higher perceived value than if it was in a normal web page.

The visitor can also download it to their computer and read it any time.

Strong, quality content with promotional links sprinkled throughout, is a fundamental strategy that many top marketers use to gain not only more traffic, but more subscribers to their newsletters and ecourses.

top-secret-short-reportTraffic Generation Tip – Free reports can allow you to grow your traffic on autopilot. Readers will sometimes pass along good quality content. In fact, I am sure that you are aware that some will go viral.

For a real world example, look at YouTube videos that people enjoy and pass onto friends and end up going viral. Millions of views because people share popular content.

Of course, it does not always work out like this. Too often, free reports lack the right ingredients to catch on and spread.

The key is to give away valuable content specifically tailored to solve a pressing problem for your target audience. Peak their interest, and then have a link available for more information. At the very least, giving away free reports regularly will bring prospects back to your site for more.

To create success online, you really don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Follow solid, proven business fundamentals, and always test and adjust accordingly when you analyze the results.

Building business is not easy, but the basic strategies are simple to follow.

So, here is what you do:
1. Get a report, or create one.
2. Get your report spread.
3. Get your report read.
4. Link to solutions on your site.

You can generate FREE targeted traffic to any site you want, and establish yourself as an authority in that market by handing out free reports.

Use free giveaway reports to build your email subscriber list, otherwise called bribes or freebies, etc, people love them and will subscribe for more.

Oh, and those short free reports can also be printed out, and distributed locally in your area to connect with local prospects.

Or you could have postcards or flyers printed out to generate leads to your free report download pages… The possibilities are endless. 🙂

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