Time Management, Prioritizing Your Work With Post It Notes

Effective Use Of Your Time By Managing Your Energy Level And Prioritizing With Post It Notes

Good information by Perry Belcher about Time and Hustle.

High performers utilize the power of high energy to power them through their days and huge workloads.

If you don’t feel high energy, then act like it until you begin to feel more comfortable with it. Just act it out and you will in time increase your energy levels.

You will exponentially increase your productivity and shorten the time it takes to reach your goals.

Today’s info is about prioritizing your tasks. The video is just over five minutes, but may be the best investment of your time today.

Perry uses post it notes instead of to do lists. It is quite unusual but a system that works is better than one that does not. He demonstrates how post it notes can be a huge productivity booster.

Check it out . . .


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