Time Management For The Internet Marketing Business

How to Manage Your Time as an Internet Marketer

Almost any Internet marketing business owner will tell you that it’s very easy to get distracted while conducting business online. With the necessary networking, researching and other tasks that are required of an Internet marketer it’s a wonder how anyone gets anything done! 🙂

So, how do you manage your time as an Internet marketer so that your business thrives? Here’s a few basic tips to keep in mind when you sit down to your computer every day.

1. Create To-Do Lists
Either the night before or the very first thing each morning, make a list of the things you MUST get done that day. Then work your way down the list until you finish.

2. Stay Focused
At first this may be the hardest thing on this list to do, but keep telling yourself there are things you have to do today that will make your business more profitable. Create signs, cues, pictures, sing songs, whatever it takes to keep you focused. Keep your goals in sight.

3. When You Get Off Track…Get UP!
When you get the browsing or clicking fever while you should be working…get away from the computer for awhile. When you come back you’ll have a fresh, ready-to-work perspective again.

4. Use Timers
Determine how long you have to spend on certain tasks. Then set a timer when you start them. When the timer stops so do you! Now move on to the next task and do the same.

5. Pull The Old Switcheroo
If there’s something you are working on that you just can’t seem to stay focused on, stop and move on to another task for a little while. Then come back later when you feel more focused.

6. Break Things Down
If you have a big task that needs to be done, it can sometimes seem overwhelming and like you’re getting nowhere when you keep transferring the same task from one day’s to-do-list to the next. Ever feel that way?

Try breaking bigger tasks down into smaller ones that can easily be marked off your list so that even at a glance it seems like you’ve accomplished something.

A common problem among those with Internet based businesses is becoming overwhelmed and overworked. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your business won’t be either.

Take your time and cut yourself some slack if you don’t get everything accomplished as quickly as you had hoped in the beginning. Just keep a steady work schedule and task list by priority and you will soon be making profits.

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