How To Use Solo Ads To Build Your List

alternativeDo You Use Solo Ads To Build Your List?

Most ‘Free’ traffic methods take some time to develop before they pay off. There are alternative methods that you can use.

‘Paid’ traffic can shorten your build time, and allow you to grow your list exponentially, especially when you find and test the right strategy.

Did you know that advertising in related ezines with Solo Ads can expose you to key targeted traffic, people that are already interested in products and services comparable to what you are promoting?

You can piggyback on someone else’s labor in order to to build up your email subscribers faster. The subscribers on their list are proven to be interested in similar topics so it is easier to get them to subscribe to your ezine also.

According to studies and on average, it takes 6 or 7 touches (impressions) to make most sales. Some will buy on that first impression, but most will need to build up their trust factor before they buy.

Some will even take weeks or months before they decide. Be patient, and wait for the long term results to come in too. Consistent ads will keep your sales funnels full… 🙂

The last thing you want to do is to prematurely quit advertising just at a time when they are getting ready to buy from you! Don’t stop just three feet from the gold…

So, you do have to invest some money and time testing, but once you find the “sweet” spot where ROI is positive, you can scale your ads up as high as you want…the sky is the limit.

This is when building your business really gets exciting! Once you scale up a positive return, the more you spend the more you make!

How many dollars would you spend if for every dollar invested, you got a return of five? Or maybe even ten? This is where businesses explode and become extremely profitable.

You must be interested in higher conversions or you wouldn’t be reading down this far. Improving your ad response rate means scaleable advertising that has no limits. And that means more profits.

Think about that for a moment. Test and adjust you solo ads for maximum return. Check out Adrian’s ebook below… he explains how you can maximize your results.

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