Simple Weight Loss Steps To Start

set-goal-achieve-goal-300x200Need to drop some poundage?

Maybe you are at the point as I was last year, and the doctor will tell you to shed some pounds or prepare to take medications every day for the rest of your life, and prepare for your life to be shorter than you expect.

Not good…

Start small if you have to, but get started. Real people are doing it every day. They are making healthier choices every day… It is sometimes not easy but the path is simple. As simple as changing a little bit of your habit every day.

Here are a few simple weight loss steps you can take right away.

A little step in the right direction every day. Baby steps…

List all of your favorite foods. Eat more of the healthy ones and less of the unhealthy ones. Just a bit more and just a bit less. No major changes. No big deal. Get your doctor’s OK first. (One Weight Loss Tip That May Change Your Life)

Think PositiveSavor every bit of food that passes your lips. Don’t eat mindlessly. That is what gets most of us in trouble. Make up an eating plan. Call it a diet if you must. 🙂

The Paleo eating plan is great for this. Adjust your fats, carbs, sugars, and your activity levels, and that can make a huge difference in both how much weight you lose and how fast you lose it…

Your doctor will start giving you better checkups, and will certainly praise you for taking action.

And the big bonus… watch your energy levels soar! Just start, go for it…

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