Profitable Postcard Marketing

post-card-marketingPost Card Marketing That Converts

Big Brands still tend to favor print advertising for driving traffic to their websites despite the wide range of options that are available.

That’s because it works. It always has and always will. People just like to read their mail, even if it is just to scan it.

Boom! There you go, one impression just received… 🙂

Put your ads in front of your targeted market for very low cost by placing your product information on a professionally designed flyer or postcard. A big budget isn’t necessary and that is why so many companies take advantage of it.

Keep your message clear and simple. Always target one specific need. Make it easy for them to contact you for more information to buy.

QR Codes are great here for mobile users. They can just scan the code to phone you or click your link, or put your contact info directly into their phone immediately. Boom! Contact made… 🙂

More and more people are depending on their mobile devices for news and communications every day. The mobile users market is expanding exponentially. Take advantage of the trend.

A great postcard headline and image should grab their attention, and your content should stimulate their interest by answering specific questions or solving specific problems. Give them only enough info to get them to want more…

Unless it is your goal to direct sell them immediately, always keep in mind that your primary objective should be to get readers to sign up to your subscriber list. Then you are able to market to them regularly. Give them valuable content and in exchange promote your products responsibly.

Before you even consider running a postcard program, you should have a website that is ready to handle your traffic. Ideally, your landing page should already have a good conversion rate based on previous testing.

Squeeze-PageIt can be rather pointless trying to send a flood of targeted traffic to a website or landing page that isn’t going to convert into profits. If you can’t write sales copy, hire a professional freelance copywriter to do it for you.

You should always have a special dedicated URL or landing page for your postcard marketing only so you can test and monitor your results from each campaign.

Many companies choose to send their prospects to a video lead generation page. YouTube is “HOT” for converting prospects. Just make a video detailing what you can do for them and upload it. Embed it into your landing page and have your subscription box or buy buttons below…

This really is the key to the success or failure of your postcard marketing program. Seeing what works and doing more of it. Seeing what is not working and then tweaking it until it does.

Once you start getting positive results, you want to ramp up your postcard marketing program to take advantage of your sales momentum.

So, don’t be in a hurry when creating your postcard. Building a website landing page or creating a video that converts prospects is your first priority. When that is ready, create a postcard that will generate leads, and distribute them. Simple as that.

Post CardsPostcards are terrific at bringing together the best of both offline and online marketing to increase company sales and profits.

You need to be able to get your prospects attention offline with the postcard, and direct them online to more information on what they want.

Where most marketers fail is because they do not take the time to test and monitor their results and quit their campaigns early before they find out what is working.

Don’t let this be you. Always test, tweak and adjust the strategy until it produces. Postcards work, as long as you work them.

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