Products Won’t Sell Themselves…

best-sellerEven The Best Products Don’t SELL Themselves!

Just because you have the best product in the world doesn’t guarantee that you will sell a bunch and get rich. Have you heard this phrase? Build it & they will come… Not so much anymore.

Or, maybe you have heard of this saying: Build a better mouse trap, and the world will build a path to your doorstep.

No, not so much either. We tend to believe that it rings true, because several decades ago, there really weren’t many products around.

Yes it is true that there are inventions like the light bulb or the discovery of electricity, but there really weren’t much competition for the Nobel Prize (if you get what we mean).

Technology hadn’t reached the stage where innovation and ingenuity is conceptualized at today’s speed. When the term was coined, there weren’t many ‘better’ mousetraps around.

Today in the 21st century, better mouse traps are built on a daily basis.

Just because you have a better product, does not mean that the product will automatically sell itself and make you rich!

In the past, people weren’t swamped with tons of advertising. Anything new or better was easily noticed by the masses because there wasn’t much competition.

Today, if you have a better vacuum cleaner, insurance plan or even a car that can fly, you are fighting an uphill battle against the mass of advertising campaigns and customer skepticism.

You will need to get the word out to the people. You have to promote it like crazy!

You can’t just sit still – you need to focus on constant education of your ideal target customers. You need to convey the benefits of your new product in such a way that people will want to buy YOUR brand over your competitors.

The most important of all, you must learn to stand out! Show them that you are different, better and extraordinary. You must have a unique selling point and you must tell the masses all about it. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

money-trapCompanies are doing whatever it takes to ‘shock’ their audience and give them something to remember. There are many ways to make money today, but any industry that is half decently profitable will end up attracting many other competitors into the market fairly quickly.

For example: If you are marketing online, it doesn’t help if you keep on talking about how good your product or your company is. It matters little how great the product is, or how well the company’s background is.

They probably already know how good your company is. And if they don’t, they should. But the key question is this, why should they buy YOUR Product or Service, rather than that charismatic leader on stage with similar products and with a hundred strong team?

In other words, what can YOU offer that will set you or your company’s products apart from all of the others? (People buy YOU, not just your company, or your product!)

Remember, the best products don’t sell themselves! You gotta get the word out. And, you have to want it bad or your competitors will win. More on promoting and getting the word out –  Benefits Make Sales…


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