Productivity Tip, Exercise Self Discipline

Time Management And Productivity Tip: Exercise Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an essential factor for productivity and success. Without it, one becomes lazy, unmotivated, and dependent upon others. Lack of self-discipline also makes for a difficult-to-deal-with employee, boss, or coworker.

Exercising self-discipline means, in an old-fashioned term, to set yourself to a task. You need to know what must be done, when it must be done — and do it.

Good self-discipline includes a basic schedule, or framework, of what needs to be accomplished within a specific period of time. You do not allow yourself to become sidetracked, or to procrastinate. No distractions.

However, being too rigid with self-discipline also does not increase productivity. It can even lessen it.

If you do not allow yourself any breaks throughout the workday, or any room for error at all, the expectations you are placing on yourself may be too rigid. Instead of getting more done, or doing more in a shorter period of time, it can cause you to become frustrated with your tasks and your job, and slow your efforts.

If you learned self-discipline early in life, you probably do not have any difficulty with it now. On the other hand, if your schooling years and family life were too rigid, or if little was expected of you, this is a good time to develop the habit.

You may have managed to slide through your early years without a good sense of self-discipline, but it will be a stumbling-block to your career if you don’t develop it.

A good way to start cultivating self-discipline is to acknowledge what you are responsible for. You can begin by holding yourself accountable for getting the job done correctly and on time.

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If this is a relatively new concept for you, you also need to acknowledge that errors do occur, and be able to fix them without undue frustration.

To exercise self-discipline also includes not allowing yourself to be sidetracked by time-wasting distractions and activities. While you may need and deserve a little break during your workday, it cannot throw you off-course from getting the job done.

When you have developed the habit of self-discipline, completing tasks will seem easier. They will be done well, and completed on time. It will increase your productivity, and help you to move that much closer to success.

And . . . you will be happier. Use self discipline to achieve all your goals, and enjoy a more productive, fulfilled life! Go for it.

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