Procrastination Buster – Plan Ahead To Eliminate Reluctance

rp_motivation-companion-199x300.jpgEver catch yourself procrastinating? Oh, well. Who hasn’t? (Grins)

Plan ahead to overcome those feelings of reluctance, because they will come up at times.

Prepare a ready made procrastination Buster in advance. How do you find out what to use? Well… Click on image to grab your free 77 motivations handbook here on site.

Do you bounce out of bed in the mornings? Do you look forward to the day’s events? What are you passionate about?

Find out what “triggers” will move you to action. What can you do ahead of time that will propel you into action when the time comes?

Bundle as many ‘get yourself moving quickly’ strategies together as you can.

The momentum you create will overpower any reluctance that has settled in since you made your original plans. Negative self-talk does have a way of gradually shifting your mental state in the wrong direction, so deal with it in advance.

Overpower and crowd out your habitual negative self talk phrases. Get emotional, feel excited about turning yourself around. Stop the procrastination before it rears it’s ugly head!

Yes, it will come up at times. Understand why and plan to overcome it, don’t just succumb to your feelings of the moment. Focus on the benefits of your goal, your proactive first creation, not the task or your feelings about it.

rp_TAGR-free-ebook1-1-209x300.jpgI tend to use 3-4 such power moves together and I plan them out before I can change my mind. I lock myself in so to speak, no way out. Use this free ebook, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to find out what moves you to action.

You wanted this, you planned this, why would you change midstream? Plan methods of keeping yourself in high gear. Moving forward will keep the momentum flowing for you.

Things do not have a habit of flowing continuously. One has to help it along.

First look to your posture and how you are breathing. This affects your attitude much more than most people give it credit for. Sit or stand up straight and breathe deeply. Use a well thought out appropriate affirmation and move on.

Break things down until they are ridiculously small and simple actions to take. Make promises. Commit yourself to people you care about, and that will encourage you. Crowd out the negative with a multitude of prescribed positive affirmations.

Anchor positive thoughts to potentially negative feelings. Avoid procrastination triggers. You know which ones I mean. You know which ones they are!

They are the same thoughts habitually running around in our heads telling us the exact opposite of what we really want.

Write them down, get them out where you can see them! Then, plan how you will overcome them when they come up. You know they will . . . Plan for it now and turn them around.

I don’t feel like doing it now. — But it just can’t wait! I better do it now.

I don’t know whether I can do this. — But it just can’t wait! I can start it now.

I don’t want to start today. — But it just can’t wait! I promised I would, so I will.

. . . etc., etc. You get the idea.

Whatever has been preventing you from taking immediate and decisive action can be turned around.

Go ahead, turn it around now and then celebrate and take notice of your success each time. It will get easier every time you are successful. It will become habitual, and that’s what you want!

I’ve gone on and on again. Oh, well, what can I say? I’m excited! I’ll shave these messages down yet. ‘See’ you soon.

Grab your FREE ebook before you go, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and knock that procrastination thing right out of the park!

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