Procrastination Buster – First Set Your Mind To The Task

Stop Procrastinating Today, Set Your Mind To It!

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” — Mark Twain

Everyone can enjoy the humor in Twain’s comment. But for many of us, Twain’s insight on the danger of procrastination is painfully true.

You can take the first step toward a more satisfying life by getting serious about overcoming procrastination. And the place to get started is in your own mind-that’s where the war is won or lost.

To overcome procrastination, you will have to change your attitude. Increase your positive self talk. Try affirmations.

All successful people know that you have a better chance of completing a job when you approach it with a positive attitude.

· Your attitude is a choice. Your mind can only hold one thought at a time. It is your habitual thoughts that will keep you right where you are. You must change those to positive…

Many procrastinate because they tell themselves that they will increase their chances of success if they wait for all the circumstances to be “right” before tackling a project. To be successful, you must force yourself to make a decision and do something now, and every following day, no matter what the circumstances say.

· Your attitude determines the outcome of your actions. People who are successful at what they do are rarely those with the greatest natural ability or the highest IQ. People who are constantly able to complete jobs successfully have a positive attitude. They believe they can complete the job.

· You cannot control the past, so move on. Thinking about how you might have responded differently to a difficult problem in the past is an important part of preparing to be a better problem-solver today. Don’t dwell on it though.  Analyze what you could have done differently. Then chalk it up to experience, and get back to thinking about your goals and how you can get them.

The following quiz will help you identify areas where you can take action today. Answer “yes” to each statement that describes you.

1. I don’t wait for the “right” set of circumstances to tackle a job. I know the circumstances will never be perfect.
2. I believe my project will be successful if I give it my best effort.
3. When I fail, I don’t blame circumstances beyond my control. I ask myself what I could have done differently to bring about a different result.
4. I don’t fret over decisions once I’ve made them. I stay focused on what I’m doing in the present.
5. I know when to wrap up a job. If I spend more time on it I’m only making up excuses for not starting something new.

If you answered “no” to any of the above statements, make a commitment to change your attitude today. Choose one item and do something about it. Don’t move on to the next item until you can truthfully answer “yes” to the previous one.

“Be not the slave of your own past,” Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

Cut the chains of procrastination and start living life to the fullest by employing positive thinking in your life. Set your mind to it and you will succeed.

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