Procrastination Buster – Don’t Procrastinate, Make It Social . . .

How To Get Yourself To Take Action, OR . . .

How To Stop Procrastination… OR…

*How To Get Yourself To Do The Things You Need To Do, When You Need To Do Them, In Order To Get What You Want To Get, When You Want To Get It!*

Notice that there is no ‘if’ anywhere in this title.

Make it Social.

This really works for me.

When I even think of putting off something important, I start thinking of who I can bring in to help me.

Generate the momentum of getting things done, not the inertia of putting stuff off. Procrastination can be overcome with public commitment or involvement.

If you are having trouble getting yourself to do something, then try it with someone else who is interested in the same things.

We are social beings and many of us prefer doing things when we have company.

Pick one thing that you need to do but up until now just haven’t made any progress on. Something that you have procrastinated on for some time.

Think about the task you are putting off. Is it fear that prevents you from taking action? Is it because you don’t like to do whatever it is? Have you habitually let yourself get away without taking action on it? Is it fear that is causing your procrastination?

Or. . . just the idea of thinking of doing this turns on your negative self talk?

But . . . you know that you need to do it or it will hold you back. It has turned into the bottleneck that slows down all your other goals progress.

Is this something that you can do with someone else? Usually there is always a way we can bring a friend in on it. Pick up the phone and call someone who supports you on your goals journey. Talk it over with them.

If it is health, or exercise related, start teaming up with others with the same interests. Get your schedules together. If it is work or business related, set up a mastermind group and practice it with them.

There is huge momentum in social outings that moves you forward when you are having trouble. Power is created by the several minds that are moving in tandem, and it keeps you motivated to continue when you may stall by yourself.

This is not weakness to need others, it is quite the other way around. This is when we have the most power; we are capable of so much more when we allow others to share our journey. We are empowered by others enthusiasm for the task.

In the habit of procrastinating? Make it social. You will immediately feel the extra power generated by having other people at your side. Start doing some things with kindred spirits today.

Talk soon.

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