Personal Time Management 6 of 6, Brian Tracy

Personal Time Management 6 of 6 by Brian Tracy

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Finishing the six part video series today on productivity.

In this final video he wraps up his talks. Here are some more time management tips he discusses in the video today:

Be Punctual
– the importance of being on time
– discusses Lombardi Time

Work Simplification
– create systems
– always look for ways to do things faster without sacrificing quality
– do fewer but more important tasks
– do what you are best at
– teamwork for efficiency

Just Say No
– To Tasks that don’t contribute to your goals
– say it early and often
– delay the decision, think it over

– enhance the overall quality of your life
– take time to invest in your relationships
– make time for what’s most important
– develop the sense of urgency, do it fast!

So, why do we need time management? Well, so we can spend more time on those things in life that mean the most to us…

Even though this set of talks is done some time ago, all of these strategies are still current. They still all work…

Hope you enjoyed the series and even more importantly, I hope that you got some good things to take away and implement in your own life. Go for it!

(As of Sept 2015 I have found that this particular video series is no longer available on YouTube. You can find all of Brian Tracy’s videos here:

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