Personal Time Management 5 of 6, Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy Personal Time Management 5 of 6

Continuing with video five in this six part series on Productivity and Time Management. Have you started using any of his tips?

Have you “found” more time yet? 🙂 The contents of this video:

Separate Creative Work from Administrative
– For Block time without interruption:
– get up a couple of hours early
– get to to work an hour earlier
– stay at work later
– use air travel time wisely

Transition Time
– “Learn” more to “Earn” More
– Invest at least an hour a day into yourself
– Read during your break time, lunch, coffee, etc.
– Take in more information whwnever you can

The Telephone
– can be a powerful business tool
– get on and get off FAST!
– control the time and the calls
– make an agenda for the call
– keep good notes of the conversation
– always be ready to document the call (pen, etc.)

– be on time, develop the repetition for punctuality
– if you are not there early, then you are late

The last video, Part Six tomorrow…

(As of Sept 2015 I have found that this particular video series is no longer available on YouTube. You can find all of Brian Tracy’s videos here:

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