Personal Time Management 4 of 6, Brian Tracy

Personal Time Management 4 of 6, by Brian Tracy

Day four, continuing with the six part video series…

Here are some more time management and productivity principles he discusses today…

Interruptions – handling telephone, walk in visitor, distractions
– Have your calls held until you plan to answer them
– Use an answering machine
– Discourage time wasters or walk ins
– When you control your interruptions, you control your time…

Key Result areas – what is your real purpose there
– Why am I on the payroll? What key results are you responsible for?
– Have your boss prioritize your responsibilities if they are not clear.
– Key Result areas give you the advantage of clarity and direction

Batching Tasks – group your like tasks together
– The learning curve theory can save you time
– Make all of your phone call at once
– Same with reading, invoices, correspondence
– Get away from doing a little of this and then, a little of that

Neatness – working in a clean environment
– One thing on your desk at a time
– The TRAF System is explained
– If you are not using it, put it away.
– Bosses sometimes perceive ‘messy’ as disorganized and incompetent

Chunks Of Time – allow adequate time for important work
– 60-120 minutes for block time minimums
– allow absolutely no interruptions while you are working on them

Part Five tomorrow…

(As of Sept 2015 I have found that this particular video series is no longer available on YouTube. You can find all of Brian Tracy’s videos here:

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