Personal Time Management 3 of 6, Brian Tracy

Personal Time Management Principles, Video 3 of 6, by Brian Tracy

Continuing on the six part video series on Time Management Principles by Brian Tracy.

He discusses some of the following time management tips on this video:

Time Log – record how you spend your time
– analyze your time log for waste

Procrastination – positive and negative
– the folly of doing the urgent at the expense of the important
– the importance of speed in your taking action – work fast
– break the tasks down so they are easier to focus on and complete

Delegation – delegate what and where you can
– stick with your highest value tasks, give others the rest
– don’t waste your productive time
– the relationship between clarity and successful delegation

Meetings – have only the people you need to be there
– have a purpose for the meeting
– don’t go if you don’t have to
– have an agenda to keep the meeting on track
– start the meeting on time, no waiting for latecomers

Part Four tomorrow…

(As of Sept 2015 I have found that this particular video series is no longer available on YouTube. You can find all of Brian Tracy’s videos here:

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