Personal Time Management 1 of 6, Brian Tracy

Personal Time Management by Brian Tracy, 1 of 6 Videos

Today I am starting to post a six part series of Time Management by Brian Tracy, (a very young Brian Tracy :), as this is one his older video series. The information is “evergreen” meaning it will stand the test of time, and will always produce superior results.

I will post one of them a day for the next six days. Each one will build on the previous one until he gets through all of his strategies. They do end rather abruptly due to the separation into bite size chunks, before they continue on the next video. Each video is only 8-9 minutes long, so they go quite fast.

This 1st video reveals that Brian Tracy will be discussing his 21 Time management Ideas that most successful individuals practice, over the series of six training videos.

If you want to watch them all at once, use the YouTube link and search them out on the author’s channel. If you want to want to watch, absorb, and learn, then take notes daily and take action on the tips he gives you. I am…

He tells us that successful people have this important trait in common…that they are good time managers. They realize that time management is life management, therefore it is also the equivalent of self management. The critical key to good time management is self discipline, which is also the key to success according to his experience over the years.

So, here is part one here:

In this video he discusses:

Setting Goals – the 3 key kinds of goals – personal, business, self development
– 3 important questions that you’ll want to ask yourself
– why you must write down and define your goals to clarify them in your mind

Organized Plans Of Action – which are the key to all success
– the consequences of action without planning
– taking your goal and breaking it down into bite sized steps

Analyze Your Tasks – Make a list, and prioritize them in order of importance
– make your lists for the week, the Sat or Sun before
– make your list for the day the night before
– lists prepare you for the week and day ahead so that you can get started immediately on your goals

Hope you enjoy this video, and more importantly, use Brian Tracy’s time management tips to increase your skill set, and reach your own goals faster. (As of Sept 2015 I have found that this particular video series is no longer available on YouTube. You can find all of Brian Tracy’s videos here:


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