Persistence, Perseverance, Doing What’s Necessary No Matter What

Tricking The Brain

Maybe you’ve read DILBERT, the cartoon about a micromanaged U.S. business office with an engineer named Dilbert as the main guy. Dilbert appears in 2000 newspapers worldwide in over 60 countries and multiple languages.

However, few people realize how difficult it is for Scott Adams to continue to create.

A typical day might mean having to endure uncomfortable convulsions and spasm-like tremors. Scott has learned to “trick” his brain into working with his hands, instead of against them.

His body may betray him, but he knows that in order to continue his life’s dream, he must be determined to never quit.

So, he and thousands like him, take injections or medications. But most importantly, Scott uses his mind. His most powerful tool in overcoming his physical limits is his thoughts.

Your most valuable tool in overcoming your obstacles is also your thoughts. You have to decide that for today you are going to do what it takes to reach your goals. Today you will make the phone call, write the letter or visit that person. Just for today you can see yourself living the life you want to have. I know it can be difficult at first, but be like Scott… don’t quit. Keep up the hard work. As you do, you’ll find it easier to keep going.

Scott had to decide that his art and drawing are worth the persistence it takes to produce it. Because he chooses to fight through his physical challenge, we know and love his goofy business comic strip with its quirky characters and humorous one-liners.

Living with obstacles is not easy. Perservering is a choice.

I hope that today as you live your life you will choose to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. I also hope that you do not have to deal with a chronic disorder like focal dystonia.

But if you do, please realize that you are not alone. I hope you find comfort in that truth. There are thousands who have to deal with similar difficulties.

Choose this day to live determined to overcome your obstacle and one day you will find it easier and easier to make that choice. It may take time but you will make it.

I believe that for you and I believe that about you!!!
Ginny Dye, Sandi Valentine & Suess Karlsson are a team of writers
who all share a passion to  empower and motivate everyone who they touch through their writing.