Paleo Or Low Carb Eating Plan

coffee-with-cream-onlyI am just sitting here this morning thinking of how I want to attack this “weight loss thing”, when I realized that one of my sticking points would probably be the coffee I drink…

I like my coffee with cream and sugar. In fact I like to describe my coffee as my dessert because I like it triple, triple. Triple cream, triple sugar.

If you are a coffee drinker, you will know what that means. And, if you are not, you probably won’t be able to understand the hold your coffee has on you any way…

I’ve tried having it black many times, no cream or sugar, but it doesn’t stick, because it doesn’t satisfy… and that is important, because I like my coffee.

Also, as we go along, you will probably notice that I am a “burger” guy. I love my burgers and sandwiches. I think that I would rather have a great burger with all the fixins, than just about anything else. Also a sticking point because burgers and sandwiches are usually served on buns or bread, and bread is a “high” carb food.

love-my-burgersThis probably all started in my youth when my buddies and I use to go to the burger joints and drive ins to hang out. Burgers at the time being only 15 cents, and a soda only 10 cents, we would order 6 burgers and a coke for a dollar. No tax on take out back then, ohhh those were the days, but I digress.

My family, like many others, grew up on meat and potato meals with a “token” vegetable. Hardy fare for a time when physical work was a common thing…

Anyway, I have decided to go with my old standby, low carb food. It works great for releasing weight and allows me to have the largest variety of comfort foods that I enjoy… 🙂

I tried it before and lost 60 pounds in 90 days so I know that I can make it work. It is just a matter of combining them properly and eating them at the right times for easy digestion. More on that later.

I am just developing my plan and it will undoubtedly change many times as I go along. Basically, it consists of setting the weightloss goals and then keeping myself motivated while I work the program. Just like any other project that I start on.

Low carb eating will be at the foundation, with a few personal twists of course. I believe in supplementation when necessary, and replacement foods that satisfy but also conform with my new plans.

chile-dogs-and-cheeseI am going to plan cheat meals that will allow my to enjoy the program, and meanwhile keep my weight loss from plateauing or stalling. I haven’t fleshed it all out yet…

I want to drop at least one pound every week, that is to say that every week on Saturday, I want to weigh less than the Saturday before. I got that idea from Jerry Lewis and his MDA telethon.

Each year he just wanted to get one dollar more than the year before. He wanted each show to be better than before. Usually he ended up receiving millions more and become an icon of hope for millions of kids with MD.

He set the goal and worked towards it’s accomplishment and ended up with results beyond his wildest dreams. So it is with setting the goal of just losing one more pound per week. You always end up with more results than expected.

Some weeks you will end up losing 2, 3 lbs or even more just because your expectations and dedication to the plan got more results than you figured on.

As I woke this morning, my body reminded me of why I am doing this….aching bones and joints straining from the excess load I am constantly putting them under.

OMG. How did I ever let myself get like this?

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