No Problem Too Big…

solve-problems-read-booksStuck? Got a problem you need to solve, or a challenge that’s stalling your progress?

Just Google It! Or check YouTube for “How To” videos. Listen to some audios. Go buy one or two books on the subject.

If you are short on money, don’t let that stop you, go to the nearest library, become a member and take out a couple of books on the subject.

Or borrow them from someone, but just do it. Get the knowledge you need.

Never let a problem just sit there and simmer in your head without getting some new information to process it with. Rarely will you run into a situation that someone else on the planet has not already experienced, solved, and written about how they dealt with it…

There is no problem too big in today’s information age. Always move forward. Make a plan, and start taking action. Loved this article by Bill Gluth. Thought I would share it…

How to Take ACTION on Ideas You Read

Reading is one of the best ways to stimulate creative thinking. It helps us get unstuck at times we need help, provides answers to our questions and inspires us to reach for new heights.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people read without learning. As a result, they never take action on the ideas they gained.

As an example, I wanted to pursue clients for my public speaking programs. The problem was I didn’t have all of the details about how to create a solid media kit for public speaking. So, I read, took notes, created action steps and followed the steps.

And in the first week, I got a very good response, including representation by a speakers bureau.

Why? Because I gained new knowledge. Understood and took note of what I read. Created ACTION Steps. Followed the steps to completion.

problem-solvedWhat about you? Pick a single challenge and let’s work through it by reading and acting.

Step 1: What is the problem you want to solve? Write it down.
Step 2: Go to or other book seller and find a book or two that will help you solve the problem. If you purchase an e-book to accomplish the same thing, be sure to print it out and put it into a notebook. Both e-books and physical books work equally well.
Step 3: Page through the book. Quickly read the Table of Contents then page through to see what the chapter headings and subheads are all about.
Step 4: Write down questions you have as you page through the book.
Step 5: Get a highlighter and a pen and start reading. Highlight things that stand out to you. Take notes in the margins of ideas that come to you as you read. Fold over any pages with information that has significant meaning to you.
Step 6: After reading the entire book, go back to the front again. This time, read your notes and highlighted areas. Pay particular attention to the pages you folded over. Create ACTION steps based on what you learned.
Step 7: Add the new ACTION Steps to your daily plan. That’s all there is to it. I know, I hear you.

Your next question is, “When do I have time to read?”

Here are a few ideas.
1. Lunch time. Eat and read at the same time.
2. Commuting. Listen to an audio book while driving to appointments.
3. Sit down for 30 to 60 minutes in the evening after work and read. It’s a nice way to unwind and be productive at the same time.

Reading for a short time each day will have you finishing 1 or 2 books per month. That’s 12 to 24 books per year; a lot of new ideas and focused ACTION Steps to help you overcome any challenge.

Follow these ACTION Steps
1 Write down a challenge you want to solve.
2. Find a book that you feel will help you solve the challenge.
3. Follow steps 1 – 7 listed above.
4. If you want to improve your study skills, request my article “How to be a Life Long Learner” with adult learning expert and Eagle Eye Editor, Beth Phillips.

Just visit my website and send me an email requesting the Life Long Learner article.

by Bill Gluth
Bill Gluth is a Human Touch Marketing Expert, professional speaker, trainer and consultant. He is the first person to specialize in developing “talent” as a competitive business strategy.

Bill brings clear, simple and focused action steps to any business building program that spotlights controlling time, methods and mindset to stand out from the crowd. When in control of these 3 variables, business people can realize greater achievement and business growth in less time, with greater enjoyment and minimal stress.

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