New Year’s Resolution Time, Follow Your Dream!

New Years Resolutions And The Seven Keys To Success

Today I have a FREE ebook that I want to share with you about the 7 Keys Of Success. (bottom of article) Before we get to that though, I want to ask you a question and discuss some things. It’s New Years and many people use this time to reflect on their lives and plan for changes in the next year.

Something to think about: What are you doing with your Life: Would you say you are living your dream; or are you living from hand to mouth, making the best of things, just getting to the next week – what we might call: existing rather than living?

If you are living your dream, then well done: you are truly on the road to success.

If you are not living your dream – or even if you have no dream at present – then do not despair because this little post was written for you. We are going to help you to find your dream, develop it and then to actually achieve it!

To live a truly successful life, you do need to first have a dream. As Carl Sandburg, American historian, poet and novelist put it, “nothing happens unless first a dream”.

New Year’s Resolution Time, Follow Your Dream! Set your goals or if you prefer ‘resolutions’ for 2013.

Have you ever noticed? There are some people who seem to know exactly what they want and how to get it. They move toward their targets with precision, and appear to achieve easily without goals or planning.

They have a narrowed focus and tons of motivation, lots of compelling reasons for doing what they do. They don’t even have a set of written goals, yet they move through life attaining what they go after.

Then, there are some of us that need the strategies, the written goals and plans of action, and great role models to follow. Neither is good or bad, right or wrong. There are just different needs for different people. This article is for those of us who need the latter….

Since the focus of this post is all about what you want – then, let’s hear it. What do you want? What goals do you have? What’s your dream? What is it that you absolutely must have in 2013? There are two steps that are supremely important to getting what you want in life. To be successful in setting your resolutions or goals, you have to plan ahead.

Step One – Have you defined specifically what you want? Choose a goal that inspires you to go for it, a goal so large that when you get it, you automatically get all the other things you want in life. A single focus so large that it encompasses everything you want!

Do not set any conflicting goals, have all of them congruent with your definite major purpose in life. The momentum will literally pull you forward to your goal. You will be on Autopilot! One Focus To Success! Make the chase exciting.

You know what you want, don’t you? If not now, then when?

Is it a car, a boat, a house, a travel vacation, a summer cottage, a great job, a new business, a relationship, a close family, more friends, better health, more energy, lose weight, run a marathon, have great clothes, make more money, be rich, just get the bills paid every month, be debt free, have more confidence, be happy, play pro sports, go to the Olympics,…?

You know what you want, don’t you?

What do you want? Will it stretch you to capacity in order to get it? Do you have to improve somewhere? Are you excited about the prospect of having it in your life? Do you expect to get it? Positive expectation is vital to the achievement of your dream.

Do you seem overwhelmed, a little intimidated by the size of your dream? Unsure if you can do it? Many people that have attempted something great, have had their doubts at times. This is when powerful emotional reasons will blow you right on past these and enable you to take action again.

You can break it down into bite size pieces. Break it down into small actionable steps that will incrementally bring you to the desired outcome.

Move forward daily and enjoy each small success. Decide to persist until . . . And you will get there!

Remember that you can and you will achieve what you want! Only the timing and the strategy may vary. Believe and know this is true.

Step Two – Whatever it is that you want, you must want it with all your heart. it must be your ‘want’, not someone else’s. There must not be any conflicting feelings.

By the way, logical reasons are helpful, but emotional reasons are absolutely the most powerful. If you have enough Why, the How will take care of itself! You will move mountains to get there.

“Your reasons why” must move you to action. It must make it easier to go for it than not. They are what will drive you when times get tough. Have a bunch of them! You must sell yourself on your goals’ merits.

You must “fall” in love with it. Have you been, or are you in love with someone? If so, then you know that your mind is occupied constantly with your love. This is the feeling you must cultivate in order to get what you want. A desire so strong that you can not get it out of your mind.

You wake up thinking about it, you go to bed thinking about it, you think about it all day, how you can do more, be more, have more, give more, etc.

Sell yourself on your ability and desire to achieve it, and Sell yourself hard!

If you can’t come up with good reasons, then make up some reasons to go forward. Act as if, and soon you will believe what you tell yourself. Your body will become congruent with the dominant thoughts you keep in your mind.

Remember that you can only focus on one thought at a time. Make it the one that will spur you on. You have direct and absolute control of your thoughts, if some negative sneaks in, feel it, evaluate it, and then move on.

These two steps in the goal making process are absolutely vital to your successfully achieving what you want. By spending the proper amount of time on them, you will be light years ahead of the average person, and you will find that getting what you want seems almost effortless.

Invest as much time as you need to crank up the desire to a white hot, burning obsession. Do not move onto the next step until you have powerful emotion behind your decision. You will love the Journey. Good Luck! — Al Smith

Exercise: Clarify What You Want and Turn Up The Volume!

Take out a clean sheet of paper or use your journal if you keep one. Pick one thing that you want to have in your life. Start small if you want to, but one single large scary goal can work wonders for your motivation. Make it something that up until now has eluded your grasp. Be specific. Write it down.

Why do you want this? Write down all the reasons you want and need this in your life. Brainstorm, write rapidly everything that comes to your mind. You can edit later. The more reasons you can come up with will determine to a great extent how voraciously you go after what you want.

Keep this paper with you and review it several times each day. Add more reasons as you come across them. Feel how badly you want and need to have this! Think about it constantly, and continually remind yourself that you will do whatever it takes. Take as much time as you need to gather as many reasons to push forward.

Then, do this exercise with another goal. Make sure that your goals are in alignment with each other, and build momentum when put together. When you have enough reasons internalized and your desire burns hot, then, and only then, move to the next step. PLANNING.

I want to share a FREE Ebook with you revealing and explaining the The 7 Keys To Success. It is in downloadable pdf form and you can save it to your computer or read it online whatever suits you. You can even share it with others who may need this information. Read through it once first, and then start to make notes, plans and strategies on how you can put these 7 life changing keys to work in your life right away.

1. Commitment 2. An Open Mind 3. Persistence 4. Flexibility 5. Faith 6. Thankfulness 7. Passion

You can access this FREE ebook here: The 7 Keys To Success. If you are saving this file to your computer just right click and save to your hard drive or disc of your choice. I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use and I hope to have more freebies coming from time to time.

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