Never Stop Marketing… Ever.


That bears repeating again…

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” — Peter Drucker

When it comes to business, I think I have made every mistake in the book, and like many I had to take the long way around to success, but I still made it happen.

If you are on the fence about starting your own dream business, then I tell this because I want you to know that things don’t have to be perfect. Just get it going.

You do however, have to be very specific and decide what you want your business to be about. You have to set your goals, plan how you will accomplish them, and then commit to your path.

Many people have started their businesses out of the basements or garages, and most of them in their part time hours. But you have to know what you want. Know this though…

Your business will be either be growing or dying, it will never stay the same. Stagnation is a death knell for small businesses, and only means you are shrinking in your marketplace, but are not aware of it yet. Work hard promoting and marketing yourself all the time. Don’t expect business to come to you. Plan your strategy, and aggressively grow your business. Never stop marketing.

Owning a business was my dream from early days. I must have had forty jobs before I was thirty years old. Nothing seemed to light my fire, so I would work at a place for a short time, and then usually find something wrong with it and quit.

marketing-and-promotionOne thing I really got good at. That is finding and getting the jobs. I could really sell myself, I just couldn’t stay at the jobs. I never got fired, but I soon lost interest every single time.

I was desperate to begin working for myself. I wanted to be self-employed. Although I knew that it would take a lot of hard work, I also knew I could make a lot more money in business, and enjoy the freedom of making my own decisions.

It would be worth the sacrifice to be able to set my own hours, and be my own boss. My high school education didn’t exactly prepare me for a career in business, so I researched adult education night courses.

A lot of people take courses on business and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, many don’t get any further than that. Even though I didn’t have a well thought out plan for starting my new company, I went ahead and started up while I went to night school to get my business certificate.

When I started my first offline business, I had a lot to learn. My mama didn’t raise any dumb kids, but let’s face it, I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I needed to really work at something to make it happen.

vision-for-businessUnderstanding how to promote your business starts with understanding the nature of your business, and how you benefit your customers.

When I started hustling around town, and marketing myself as an industry expert located in the neighborhood area, the calls started streaming in.

I put flyers and rack cards all over the neighborhood, mailed out postcards, put business cards on car doors and windshields, and even went door to door to homes and businesses trying to interest them in my products, etc, etc.

It took me a couple of years. That was a long time, and a couple of companies ago, but at that point I finally had a steady client base that became profitable.

If you have a passion for your work, if you believe that you have an expertise that people would value, and gladly compensate you for, then start your business now.

Start it part-time after work or school if you must. But, get it going. As I hear almost on a daily basis, “Live Your Dream”…

Yikes. I have gone on and on again. — The moral of the story is this:

Marketing-is-not-anYour business will be either growing or dying, it never stays the same.

Work hard promoting and marketing yourself all the time. Don’t expect business to come to you. Plan your strategy, and aggressively grow your business.

Never stop marketing. Believe in Yourself. Success is waiting for you.

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