Napoleon Hill’s Goal Setting Steps

six-steps-goal-settingThe Basics Of Personal Goal Setting. The foundation…

The number of actual steps to Personal Goal Setting varies from person to person. Break these down into smaller bite size chunks if it makes more sense to you.

We will follow Napoleon Hill’s 6 step breakdown in Think and Grow Rich, which he developed with Andrew Carnegie, and spent 20 years researching.

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With only slight changes in updating vocabulary to today’s standards, here they are:
1. Get clear on what it is that you want.
2. Determine what you will do to achieve it.
3. Set a deadline when you expect to accomplish this.
4. Create a definite plan, and start it immediately.
5. Write out a clear concise statement of the above 4 steps.
6. Read your statement aloud at least twice daily, more when possible, seeing, feeling, and believing that you already possess it.

That’s it! Really simple, right? Your personal plan of action starts here… 

Many-people-fail-in-lifeMake this a ‘must happen’ event. Emotionalize it. Internalize it. Make it a part of your daily life, and it will blow your mind how fast you get what you want.

Use Self Discipline to breakthrough any old habits, and create unstoppable momentum! You must not only believe that you can do this, you must believe and know that you will do this, no matter what!

Expect Success in this undertaking.

Commit to yourself, increase the urgency, and the importance of this set of steps. Your desire will overcome any inertia associated with any previous failures, and small actions taken daily will increase the momentum to the point where you will be unstoppable in your quest.

That is also why whatever you choose and decide upon must be congruent with your rules and values in life, what you stand for. There must be no sabotaging or internal conflicts going on. There must be no indecision once you have set out upon the task.

your-goalHave eyes only for your goals. Crowd out all negatives that try to gain entrance to your mind. There can only be one thought at a time, so make it positive, and constructive. Someone said once, ” If you take your eyes off your goals, you will see only the obstacles.”

If you are seeing the obstacles in your life, then you must swing your attention, your concentration, your focus, back to what is important to your life, your goals. That is what you are living for.

Get your eyes off yourself and onto what you are striving for, and you will feel no fears, at least they will not be able to hang around for long!

When you start to develop goals for your life, ensure that you include all areas of your life, Relationships, Contribution, Personal Growth, Lifestyle, Financial, and your Career Passion. Whenever possible, align them within your major purpose.

Feel all the joy, and happiness, that comes from pursuing a Magnificent Obsession. Use this FREE digital edition of Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to help you develop one.

Choose a dream or goal that once you have accomplished it, all else you desire is automatically fulfilled in your life. Happily achieving beats out achieving to be happy every time!

A Brian Tracy quote seemed to be appropriate here.

‘Don’t wonder about whether something is possible – don’t get bogged down in WHETHER. Ask HOW. Over and over if you have to, but ask how can you do it, not whether you can.’  — Brian Tracy