My Duplicate Posts Problem Solved


What Duplicate Content?

I got a tweet from a friend of mine, Adrian Jock of

We can discuss almost anything, and I really enjoy our conversations because Adrian is a straight shooter.

(Check out his Weekly Ezine while you are there.)

He tells it like it is, and tells you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. That is a good thing BTW…

Anyway, I digress. He had noticed a problem with my blog and was letting me know about it.

Some time ago I had changed the “reading” settings in my admin area to show only one post per page. My motivation at the time was to have each post mimic a page just like a ‘html’ based site.

That way if I added some Adsense code to each post I wouldn’t be over my three allowed ad blocks. Not too smart on my part, I know…

This created a duplicate posts problem on my blog and I was not aware of it. You know how search engines frown on “duplicate” page content. Penalties, penalties, penalties…

So here I was with duplicates of each post.

Well, Adrian fixed me up with the solution. His instructions were very clear. All I had to do is go into my admin area… Well I might as well copy and paste his words so I’ll let him tell the story…

1) Go to the admin area => Settings => Reading Settings

Now there you have: “Blog pages show at most: 1”

2) Replace 1 by 10. Don’t worry about this 10. If you don’t like what you get, later you can change it to 9, 8, whatever. Then save the change.

Now check your homepage. Instead of the latest post, the homepage should include your latest 10 posts. The homepage is no longer a duplicate of the latest post.

The next page is no longer a duplicate of the second last post, but it includes the first 10 posts that you published before the latest 10 posts from the homepage.

You still have a problem: the homepage and the next one include 10 full posts each. Therefore each post is fully included in another page. On the other hand, when someone lands on your homepage, if he doesn’t like the beginning of the first post, the next post is very far. He must scroll down a lot. He may or may not do it. It’s not good.

In order to solve this new issue, you have to replace the full posts with previews. Check the homepage of one of my blogs. You’ll see the beginning of the post and then “Title of the article” + “continues here”. Then the beginning of the second post and again title + “continues here”.

In order to do that, you have to edit each of your posts. Here’s how…

3. Look at a post and decide where the preview ends. Then once you’re in the “Edit Post” page (in the admin area), place the cursor after the part that you decided that it’s the preview. Then click the button MORE that can be found on top of the edit area.

The code <!–more–> will be inserted in the place where the cursor was placed. (If you’d like you can insert the code manually) Click the button “Update” (on the right hand). Now go to the homepage and see whether you got something you like or not. If you don’t like it, you can play with the code <!-more-> by moving it until you get something you like.

One last thing… the code <!–more–> displays the text decided by the creator of your theme. It could be “Click here to read more” or something else.

That’s it 🙂

Adrian Jock – Creator Of The Ultimate Solo Ads Book Series

Well, I followed the directions to a “T” and everything looks good now. I don’t know what possessed me to change the “reading settings” to “one” anywhooo…

Seemed like it could have been such a big problem at the time, and it could have given me real trouble trying to rank with the search engines (Google especially), so I very much appreciated Adrian’s advice.

Happy ending. Until the next blunder I make. 🙂

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