Monetize Your Blog Traffic With Affiliate Sales

rp_moneybags-wealthy-233x300.pngAffiliate Programs Can Help Your Blog Make More Money. 

Blogging has become a major way that companies make their presence known on the Internet. And there is good reason for that.

Blogs help your search engine ratings, they help move information and breakthroughs out to the public faster, and people love to read about others’ successes and failures.

The original weblogs began as personal online journals and many have transitioned into an effective way to create multiple revenue streams for bloggers and corporations alike.

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to get more exposure. Have you thought about trying affiliate programs to capitalize on your blog traffic?

I’m not talking about promoting your competitors products here…

There are probably hundreds of products or services that compliment your existing product line and help your customers enjoy their buying experience more completely. Affiliate programs have been taking off like wildfire. They are true win-win situations for both parties.

Other companies have products or services they are promoting and they will pay you to advertise for them, to help them expose their products beyond their own present markets.

rp_open-for-business-199x300.jpgRemuneration programs range from pay-per-click, to pay-per-lead, to pay-per-sale. You can find affiliate programs for information products, or for offline businesses with websites. The opportunities are endless.

The more money that you make, the more money they make as well. True win-win scenario for sure. (Watch This FREE Affiliate Marketing Video)

Here are some basic things to look for when choosing a program or product to work with.

Find a complimentary line of products or services. All affiliate programs are not created equal.

First, choose one that is suitable for the purpose of your blog. You wouldn’t advertise for hair care products if you blog is about gardening. The products have to fit your company’s needs and more importantly, compliment your present customers needs.

Check out the commission structure. If you are going to promote this program, you want it to be worth your while. Many have a structure where you can earn money for your leads and also for referrals.

Can you move up? A two-tier affiliate program gives you more incentive to promote as it allows you to recruit and create revenue from the efforts of others.

rp_best-seller-300x300.pngYou must believe in the product. Remember, you are accountable to your customers. potential prospects, and to the readers on your blog.

Promoting a a poor quality product simply for the money would tend to make your audience feel betrayed and usually they will leave you quickly.

You want to promote products that tailor themselves to the needs of your audience.

Try the products you are promoting first. Open a dialogue with the sellers. Ask for feedback on the program if you have to.

You will be more confident and  passionate about the product if you like it, and see the value in it for your customers.

Check out the top programs. Why not Amazon, Commission Junction, Shareasale? Or even Clickbank if you are promoting information products that will benefit and serve your clients?

All of these companies offer popular affiliate programs that can help you monetize your blog more effectively.

Well-established programs from larger companies usually have more marketing resources for the affiliates to use to increase their commissions, and therefore their profits.

Remember that these companies can receive thousands of applications from online dabblers. You may be rejected if your blog doesn’t meet certain criteria such as traffic volume, target niche, or the length of time your site has been on the Internet.

In these cases, if you want to contest the decision, contact the administrator of the program, plead your case and discuss your plans to promote their products. Many times they will then accept you when you show them you have serious business plans.

make-more-moneyAffiliate programs are a simple strategy for you to add to your revenue from your already existing blog traffic.

You can sign up for them even if your blog is new and get going within minutes of applying.

Grow and develop your audience, treat them right.

Give them great value, and you will win big in the long term. Find a relevant product or service to add to your line and add value, and the world is your oyster…

Of course, the real prize in any online business is the development of a list of prospects so you can regularly send out quality relevant content and promote useful products to them.