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Question – Have you read and re-read TAGR (Think And Grow Rich) by Napoleon Hill, and found that its secret was still a mystery to you?

Master Blueprint materials are available though that will help you study some of the most important success principles as described in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book can literally be used as an owner’s manual for life.

But let’s face it. TAGR was originally published in 1937 in the language of the times, and they did use different vocabulary back then.

Many people find it hard to read, and even more difficult to study. Just as many students had to have “Coles” notes for Shakespeare’s writings, I needed a more updated study edition to put Napoleon Hill’s 13 success principles to work in my life.

Would you be interested in a comprehensive program that clearly explains every principle in the book, and uses tons of examples and illustrations?  

It is designed to be clear and simple enough to understand… You can master and use the thirteen proven steps to riches.

This comprehensive home study course makes it easy to assimilate and implement the most powerful techniques from the most popular self help book of our time.

Napoleon Hill’s principles and 13 proven steps to acquiring riches, becomes a no brainer to quickly apply them in your life…

“The Owners manual For Life”
How to get what you want faster. The perfect gift
for your son, daughter, significant other… Or even for yourself!

The Master Blueprints
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This program includes discussion notes on each chapter and principle. There are videos on each chapter showing you how the success strategies work, and how you can make them work for you.

Audio mp3’s for his proven steps to riches are also included in this package so that you can listen to this ground breaking material anywhere, or anytime you want. While you are jogging, driving or just relaxing at home, these important life principles are available to you.

Remember that repetition is critical to learning. They have thought of everything when it comes to studying this definitive owner’s manual for life. There is also a recorded webinar (5 hours of discussion) that details how you can use the principles in TAGR to get everything you want out of life. Goal achievement is put into auto pilot.

Get highly motivated and enthusiastic about how your life is going to change, just by studying and practicing the “Think And Grow Rich” success habits.

Many-people-fail-in-lifeHave some big goals to accomplish? Want to lose some weight, or get a promotion at work? How about learning how to make money online? Or, maybe you just want to be happy with what you already have?

This comprehensive home study course will clarify every one of Napoleon Hill’s success principle in day to day, easy to understand laymans terms. Check out this life changing course and take advantage of it today. You will thank yourself for it.

“People wonder why I promote a program that has principles that are written almost 80 years ago. Well, for one thing, his principles are evergreen, which means that they are timeless. Successful individuals used them centuries ago, and they will be used centuries from now.

For another, the author spent 25 years of his life interviewing and aligning himself with the most successful people of the day. A lot of these successful enrepreneurs were among those who helped make America great. He used and experienced the principles first hand to succeed in his own life. Millions have used his writings to succeed in their lives.

This program is so easy to understand, and so simple to implement into a success action plan for you to live a long and joyful life. It is the closest thing to an owners manual for life that I have seen.

– Al Smith

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