Low Carb Grilled Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe

assorted-bell-peppersI have included this as a cheat meal, but there are so few carbs involved that you could really use this as a regular menu item in your program.

Great recipe for stuffed green peppers on the grill, from The BBQ Pit Boys. They include a baked potato side, but another low starch veggie would be better.

They do not use rice in this recipe but they do have bread crumbs in small amounts for texture on top.

The bread crumbs are not a necessary ingredient if you don’t want to use them. In fact if you used any nut or seed flour. it would become very low carb.

Sausage, ground beef, and your favorite shredded cheese are the only ‘food’ ingredients beside the spices.

Salt, pepper, tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, and if you want some hot pepper flakes are all you need. Of course, you’ll need the bbq to grill them on. 🙂

Watch the video for details…

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