Low Carb Eating, Awesome Grilled steak…

porterhouse-steak-and-mixed-steamed-veggiesGrilling a great low carb porterhouse steak…

I am enjoying my weight loss journey, aren’t you?

Just have fun with it Enjoy losing weight, because you are well on your way!

Read the howto’s linked below by two different chefs and two different recipes and cooking styles…

Who says that you have to starve yourself while dieting? Like… no one here!

That is why I find this low carb, weight loss way of eating so easy.

How To Grill Perfect Steak – Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn Browned and lightly charred on the outside, juicy and tender inside, a perfectly grilled steak has the power to make grown men cry. But you know what makes everyone cry? A dry, overcooked steak. Or a gray, tentatively-grilled steak with no crusty edges. With so many ways to get it wrong, it’s no wonder grilling steak can be intimidating. To get it right once and for all, we turned to chef and grilling expert Adam Perry Lang, who shared his step-by-step… — How To Grill Perfect Steak Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn


The BBQ boys in the video below use a charcoal grill here, but a gas BBQ will create great flavor too.

The quality of this particular meat will shine through no matter what. For this recipe, you will need a porterhouse steak (of course), salt and pepper or a nice steak spice that you prefer.

For some reason, many people like to call these T-Bone steaks, but with the added tenderloin on one side. I like mine about 2 inches thick. Make sure that it is cut evenly so it cooks evenly… 🙂

It’s actually two steaks in one, a New York Strip on one side of the bone, and a Tenderloin on the other, also known as a Fillet Mignon. Similar to the T-Bone Steak but with a difference, as explained by the BBQ Pit Boys.

I don’t care what they call them. T-Bones, with extra tenderloin on one side are still porterhouse steaks in my book. Having said that, T-Bone steaks still make a great meal too.

steak-and-veggiesI usually add some grilled onions and mushrooms or other cooked non-starchy vegetables, with a couple of raw veggies on the side.

Pick whatever vegetables you like to go with this absolutely delicious tender type of steak.

You might want to have asparagus, or peppers.  (just no potato or starchy vegetables with carbs like they have included)

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